Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hand-made Goodie of the Week: Hoop Art

These are easy-peasy and a fun way to dress up a room.  The ones pictured are from my son's room, which is done in blues, browns and stars.  To make your own, you'll need:

Emboridery hoops
Fabric in two coordinating patterns/colors
Coordinating thread, needle ans scissors
Stencils (if you want.  I free-handed my shapes.)

Start by taking the hoop apart.  Using the smaller inside hoop as a guide, cut out a circle an 1 inch wider than the hoop-you want extra to fit over the hoop when the two are put back together.  Cut out your shapes and sew unto circles.  Fit over small hoop and place larger hoop overtop, tightening screw at top til it's snug and secure.  Volia!  You're done.  These also make great memo boards-you can make one using a large embroidery hoop and stretching fabric over it.

Did you know that you can use a Cricut to cut fabric?  How awesome is that!  Even more awesome is this giveaway from Women Who Do It All-you can win your very own Cricut!!!  Head on over-giveaway ends on the 19th.

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