Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Some Quality Time

As you're reading this, I'm most likely in the car with my sister and son, driving up to Atlanta to see our dad.  We'll be there for the weekend.  So no Tipping Thursday or Fashion Friday this week.  No offense, but I'm going to spending some quality time with my daddy.  But I'll be back, bright and not-so-early Monday morning.

Don't forget to enter the Lisa Leonard giveaway-it ends next Tuesday!


 I've been slowly working on giving the blog a mini facelift-nothing major, just little tweaks here and there.  I'm trying to make it both more user-friendly and appealing to the eye.  Some things are taking me longer than others.  Like my buttons.  I'm really not in love with the current Scraps and Scribbles button, but I'm having the hardest time trying to decide how I'd like a new one to look.  Any suggestions?  And I finally got around to making a "featured" button.  I know, I know, it's about time, right?  So, if you've been featured on Scraps and Scribbles, please, go grab the button and let the world know!  I also created a button for my photography site, so go check that out if you're bored : )

And on that note, the "Site I Love" page will be undergoing some construction, if you will, as I work on it to try to make it nicer-looking (it's a real mess right now and it's bothering the organized side of me like you would not believe!)

Who's That: Lisa Leonard Designs (and giveaway!)-CLOSED

Oh my goodness gracious!  I'm so proud of myself for keeping this a secret.  I have the incredible honor and privilege of introducing you to the lovely and talented Lisa Leonard of Lisa Leonard Designs today!

I'm sure a lot of you have heard of Lisa and her amazing creations. For those of you who haven't, I'd like for you to meet her.  Here's what Lisa has to say about herself and her creations:

"I have been making jewelry since high school but I decided to get serious after my first son, David, was born.  I wanted to start a small business that would enable me to quit my job and stay home with my boys. At the time, I had never taken any formal classes or received special training in jewelry making. I just went for it!   I am kind of the 'jump in and learn as you go' type.  Creating jewelry not only allowed me to work from home, but has connected me with so many amazing women along the way.  

My desire is to create simple, lovely pieces that can be worn with jeans or your little black dress.  I want each piece to meaningful.  Our custom jewelry is hand-stamped with your kids’ names or a special phrase or verse.  I love to touch my necklace throughout the day and reflect on my husband and my sweet boys.  

Each piece we create is a work of art—hand cut, hammered, polished, drilled and assembled with care. I am inspired by other artists--painters, scrapbookers, clothing designers and poets.  I also love to soak up nature-the sky, the sea, the green hills.  I let all these ideas and images swirl around in my mind and then I create.  When an idea hits me I sketch it out and play until the perfect design comes together.
Lisa Leonard Designs exists because moms, grandmas and friends have shared our designs with each other while waiting in line at the grocery store or sipping coffee with a friend.  Most of our customers find us through word of mouth.  We know that you’ll find the perfect piece."

I know I fell in love with her work the moment I came across her site.  Her jewelry is, simply put, amazing.

She has a beautiful blog, too.  It's full of her daily stories and gorgeous pictures.  They inspire me to use my photography talents more and to improve on them.  I highly recommend checking it out.  

And now, for the surprise (though I'm sure you've all figured it out since you're just so cleaver):

Lisa is graciously giving away one $25 gift certificate to use towards anything on her site to one lucky Scraps and Scribbles winner!

Want to win it?  I know you do!  Here's how:

Become a follower of Scraps and Scribbles and show me your lovely face on my sidebar (in other words, make yourself an "official" follower.)  Then go to Lisa Leonard Designs and tell me what you'd use the gift certificate for (let me know that you're a follower AND what you like from Lisa's site all in one comment, please.)

To get extra entries:

1) Go visit Lisa's blog and say hello (please link it back so I can verify)

2) Follow Lisa on Twitter

3) Sign up for Lisa's newsletter

4) Tweet, blog or facebook about this giveaway

5) "Like" Scraps and Scribbles on Facebook and say hello!

Please leave a separate comment for each additional thing that you do-it makes it easier when it's time to pick a winner : )  The giveaway will be run now through Tuesday, August 3rd at midnight EST and the winner will be announced the next day.

*Edit:  The giveaway has been extended to Friday, August 6th at midnight EST.  Please have your entries in by then!*

Thank you again, Lisa, for being so awesome and doing this giveaway!

*I was not paid nor did I receive any other type of compensation in exchange for this review.  I'm just sharing my opinion on a company I find amazing!  And Lisa is giving away the gift certificate because she rocks and is super-generous!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hand-made Goodie of the Week: Decorator Balls

Remember this wire basket that got a new coat of paint?  And remember how I said I had plans for it?  Well, I finally did it.  Only took me oh, four months to get it done, but I did it.  And it is empty no more.

Sorry for the poor picture quality-I made these at 2 in the morning during a bought of insomnia, so I didn't have any natural light.

I wanted to make some hand-made decorator balls to fill my newly blackened basket, but I was being indecisive as to what kind I wanted.  Then, on a trip to Joann's, I was inspired.  I was browsing through the ribbons and such section and saw some upholstery cord and it's like a light bulb went off : )  And I had a bunch of spools of jute that I had gotten at Target in the dollar section.  Another light bulb!  I still have some more to make, because my basket is still kinda empty.  But at least I've got a start.

To make your own, you'll need:

Styrofoam balls
Jute or twine
Upholstery cord
Glue and glue gun

I started with the cord.  Glue the end of the cord to one side of the ball and begin to wind it around the end.

Continue winding, gluing it down here and there as you go.  When you reach the middle, cut off and glue the end down.  Then repeat on the other end and wrap until the ends meet in the middle.  I found that this way gives you a better finished product because it's gets a little tricky and messy with the glue when you get to the other end.

Repeat with the jute or whatever else you like to use and you've got yourself some cool, custom decor at a fraction of the cost.

Don't forget to come by tomorrow to find out what the big surprise is!  I'm just about bursting over it!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Awesomeness From Around Blogland

My goodness!  Look at all of the cool things I found today while perusing through my blog roll.

I love love love this totally awesome (and genius!) bibs from A Girl With A Glue Gun. I love that they are "boy-friendly!"  And the straps are interchangeable-how neat!  Kimbo shares her easy tutorial with all of us so that we can make our own.

If only I had some wall space in my kitchen that wasn't already being used-these would SOOOO be in my kitchen.  Char from Crap I've Made shows you how to make your own silverware wall art here and it couldn't be easier!

What a clever idea!  Take some cheap wall canvases and make them into something lovely!  I think these would be great for our master bedroom once we have a house and settle on colors.  Frugal Life Project shares the how-to here.

A Big HUGE Thank You!

This little blog has grown by leaps and bounds in its short 8 months of life and it's all thanks to you, my lovely and wonderful readers and followers!  Your comments make my day and your support makes all the time and work that this blog requires worth it!  I just want to say thank you-thank you for being there and for coming back!  Scraps and Scribbles would be nothing without you!  It still amazes me that people actually care about what I have to say, that they think my ideas are worth something.

Two more days 'til the big announcement-another way for me to say thank you to you all!  I know you all are just going to love it!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Fun Things for the Weekend

As you all know, one of the great things about blogging is all of the amazing giveaways people so graciously host.  Here's a few that caught my eye that I wanted to share with you:

The Vintage Pearl is giving away a $75 gift certificate and winner's choice of anything from the ready-to-ship shop to 2 different lucky winners (one will win the gift certificate, one will win a piece from the shop.)

Tatertots and Jello is hosting a very cool DownEast Basics giveaway-one item of your choice from their oh-so-pretty summer line!

If you've got a giveaway going on, or know of any that you'd like to pass along, let me know and I'll add you to the list!

Fashion Fridays: Mod Cloth

If you love clothes with a vintage-y feel, Mod Cloth is the place for you.  I'm absolutely in love with their dresses-see if you can guess which one of the ones below is my favorite.  They have a wide range of things from clothes to accessories to shoes to decor.  And the prices are very reasonable.  Whether you're on a tight budget or have some cash to burn, Mod Cloth has something you'll love in your price range.  Here are some of my favorites:

Clockwise from the top: Bestie Cardigan in Oatmeal, Party Planning Commit-Tee, The Early Bird Get The Warm Cardigan, Sugarpie Honey-bow Tunic, Ruche or Dare Top, Salon Day Top, Hoot Point Tee

Clockwise from the top: Parador Skirt, Miss Firecracker Skirt, Aerial Ribbon Skirt, Doodle All The Day Skirt, Lucarne Skirt, Dial M for Marvelous Skirt, Art Opening Skirt

Clockwise from the top: Beach Picnic Dress in Afternoon, Down to Business Dress, Share the Berries Dress, Can't Stop Smiling Dress, Hepcat Dress in Deep Blue, Grecian Green Dress, About the Author Dress in Grey, Pining for You Dress

Head on over to Mod Cloth and drool over all of their lovely things-just be sure to not get drool on your keyboards : )

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Some Exciting News!

OOOOOOO, I have something in the works and it's BIG!  
Super BIG!  
I've been working on getting all of the details ironed out for this surprise for about a month now and it's finally happened!  I'm so excited I could burst!  But I don't want to blow the secret just yet, so you'll just have to wait until next Wednesday to find out what all of the excitement is about.  I'll give you a hint: it involves a very awesome giveaway!

Chubby Face

I was going through my folders and folders on photos on my computer, organizing things (because I'm a little neurotic about those kinds of things) and came across this picture of the little man when he was just a few months old.

This face makes me melt.  I can't believe it's been 19 months since he entered our lives.  I can't imagine things without him.  Now he's a "big boy," running around, talking, wanting to do things himself.  But he'll always be my baby.

Tippin Thursday: When It's Time To Say Good-Bye

Everything has an expiration date, even your make-up and skincare products.  Here are some general guideline to help you know when it's time to let it go:

The general rule of thumb is that if any of your cosmetics or skincare items being to look like this:
*product separation
*sour or odd odor
*change in texture-uncommonly thick, grainy or watery
it's time to give it the toss.  But something's last longer than others, so here's are some ways to know when things have gone bad or if there's still some life left:

*Lipsticks and other products that don't contain water, like powders, powdered eyeshadow, concealer, and pencils that can be sharpened, can last two years or even more, but definitely keep a close eye on them and throw them out if something funky is up.

*Mascara has the shortest shelf life of all cosmetics.  NEVER keep an open tube for more than four months, and toss it out immediately if it develops a weird odor or color.

*For liquid or gel eyeliners, lipglosses, cream shadows and iquid or cream foundations, it's pretty much the same four month rule.  Because of the "water" factor in them, they can potentially become a breeding ground for bacteria, so it's time to say buh-bye after four months.  Foundations can last up to a year if you keep your fingers away from the bottle.  Instead, pour a little bit out onto a sponge or onto the back of your hand and apply with a foundation brush.

*Multi-use products, like 3-in-1 sticks and creams, can spread germs from lips to eyes and cheeks.  Wipe the surface clean before switching areas and toss after 6 months.

*Cleansers and moisturizers often contain fatty acids, which can go bad fast!  Kick 'em to the curb after 6 months.

*A good way to give your make-up a longer life is by using clean brushes and keeping your fingers away.  A quality brush will last you years if properly cleaned and stored.  Brushes should be cleaned at least once a month in a warm water and shampoo solution.  I've found that clarifying shampoo works best because it deep cleans without stripping the fibers.  Some brushes will need to be cleaned more often depending on how often they're used and what they're used for, like concealer and foundation brushes-they can get gunked up faster, so should be cleaned more often.  To dry, lay a towel flat and roll up one end inward, then lay your brushes with the handles on the rolled end, bristles tiled at a slightly downward angle.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Who's That: Dear Lizzy

Back when I first started blogging, I came across this wonderful blog, Dear Lizzy.  It just enchanted me.  

Lizzy is an amazingly talented lady.  And she is busy!  Aside from her fab blog, 

she is a monthly contributor to Creating Keepsakes, a scrapbooking magazine, where she writes a monthly column called "Dear Lizzy" and answers scrapbooking questions.  

She also has her own scrapbooking and craft line in collaboration with American Crafts.  

And a book, 52 More Scrapbooking Challenges!  I mean, seriously, what doesn't this woman do?!  Her blog is a lovely mix of scrapbooking, fun sewing projects and tidbits of her family life.  And the photography is AMAZING!

Isn't this shirt just lovely?  So pretty and feminine-it's getting added to my To-Do list.

I'm in love with this adorable mini photo album made of felt and fabric.  And it looks so easy to make!

This is how I first found Dear Lizzy-someone had posted a link to this tutorial on Lizzy's awesome corsage embellishments and I was hooked!

I hope you all have enjoyed getting to know Dear Lizzy today and really hope you'll go check out her amazing blog!  There's a ton more to see!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hand-made Goodie of the Week: Fishnet Hanging Garden

Since we live in an apartment and I don't have an actual yard, my little garden is pretty much limited to what I can grow in a pot on my balcony.  That can get a little cluttered and FAST!  I needed a solution that was both functional and nice to look at.  I had seen a post where someone had used old coffee mugs as planters (if that was you or you know who it was, please let me know so I can give them credit) and I liked that.  But then I thought, I'll just have a mess of coffee mugs all over my porch.  That won't do.  So I thought about what I could do to use the mugs without the clutter.  Here's what I came up with:

To make your own hanging garden, you'll need:

Decorative fish net
Twine or jute
Coffee mugs-I picked up a bunch for cheap at Goodwill.  I think I got all four for around $2.

I picked up this net at Michaels.  It was around $.50 and I had a 50% off coupon-gotta love coupons!  

Using your mug as a guide, cut a circle out of the net that's about an inch shorter than the rim of your mug.
 Cut a length of twine that is about 4 inches longer than the circumference of your mug.

Then weave it through the loops all along the outside edge of your circle.

Place your mug in the center of the circle, bring it up and tie the ends of the twice together to secure it to the mug.

To hang, cut 2 lengths of twine about 3 feet long.  Fold them in the middle and tie in a knot about 2 inches down from the middle, creating a loop like this.

Tie the four ends around the edges in the "four corners" of the mug.  

To attach the second mug, cut four lengths of twine about a foot long.  Again, tie to the four corners of the mugs-with the twine going from the top edge of the second mug to the bottom of the first mug.  Repeat as with as many mugs as you'd like.

And there you have it-a cutesy hanging garden that's small and functional.

Monday, July 19, 2010

I Think a Change Would Do You Good...

I'm going to be working on some things on the blog over the next week, so if it gets a little messy around here, please be patient with me!  I promise it won't be like that for long.

Spotlight: Wonder Products

I've got three A-MAZ-ING products to share with you all today.  As you might know, I'm a mark. rep and a few months ago, I started doing Avon as well.  The fun thing about selling beauty products is that I get them at a discounted price.  Which means I try out a lot more things than I would if I had to pay full price for them : )  Because of this, I have found three super-products that I just can't help but rave about!  And since I love you all so much, I wanted to share them with you.  *Disclaimer-boobies are mentioned in this post, but not in a crude way.  Just wanted to give you heads up : )

Avon Solutions Body Liquid Bra Toning Gel

I don't think I'm the only one with this problem-between being pregnant and nursing, my bustline took a hit.  Big time.  I went up two whole cup sizes-one while I was pregnant and one when I started nursing-then down a size.  Needless to say, that kind of stretches things out a bit.  My boobies were, shall we say, less than firm after all of that.  And there's not much I could do about that, short of plastic surgery, which, besides being uber expensive, isn't something I'd even consider.  Then I found this and decided to give it a try.  "Instantly! Bust feels tightened and more toned.  In just one week-advanced gel formula makes the bust look firmer and more lifted."  Hey, I like anything that shows results after just one week.  If it worked, then that solved my saggy boobie problem.  AND Avon has a 100% satisfaction guarantee-if you're not happy with anything you buy from them, no matter the reason, you can return it for a full refund.  I figured, what's the worse that can happen?  If it doesn't work, I'm no worse off than I was before.  Let me tell you-IT WORKS!!!!!  My bustline has firmed up tremendously.  I've been using it for about a month and a half and everything it claims to do, I've seen!  The gel-cream goes on nice and silky, but you do need to let it completely dry before you put your clothes on or you'll stick to your bra.  And it's easy to apply-just once a day!  So, no boob job for me!

Avon Solutions Body Stretchmark 24 Line Reducing Treatment

Stretchmarks.  Ugh.  The bane of swimsuit season.  I lucked out when I pregnant with my son, I really did.  I only got stretchmarks on my hips and thighs.  But some of them were pretty bad.  Like the ones on my left side and inner thighs-they were really deep and a nasty shade of purple.  I tried Bio Oil-it worked ok but not well enough.  And it's expensive!  Then Avon came out with their own stretchmark cream and I decided to give it a go.  Within a week, I was seeing a change.  After just ONE WEEK!!!  And I wasn't even using it twice a day as recommended (I'm awful at remembering to put it on a night.)  It's been about a month and the lines on my sides and legs are almost gone.  The deeper ones are still there, but they are much less visible and I'm sure with continued use, they'll be gone soon, too.  The cream is very smooth, silky and fast-absorbing.  A little goes a long way, which I like because then I feel like I'm getting more for my money.  A good majority of other stretchmark creams out there are twice as expensive and from what I've read from reviews online, don't deliver on their promises.  I reaGlssd review after review on this product and saw nothing but glowing recommendations.  

Gloss Gorgeous Lip Stain Gloss

I don't know about the rest of you, but I hate having to remember to re-apply my lips, be it gloss or lipstick.  That's why I love stains.  Well, mostly love.  Stains can be so drying on my lips, it almost makes them not worth it.  That's why I was jumping for joy when I saw this awesome product from mark.  It's a gloss that's also a stain!  So, you put your gloss on in the morning and it stains your lips a pretty shade of pink so that when the gloss has worn off, you still have some color.  And since you stained your lips while the gloss was on, it doesn't dry them out!  I have it in Bare and it's always in my purse.  The gloss goes on very smooth, leaving my lips very hydrated, and it's not sticky at all.  I hate goopey, sticky lip gloss.  And it's only $9!  Stila has a similar lip and cheek stain that costs a whopping $24!!  Now, I do love me some Stila, I really do, but why would I pay over twice as much for a product that does the same thing (I think it does it better, personaly!)?!  And apparently I'm not the only one who thinks that way-check out that MVP award from Redbook!

So there you have it-the top three products on my "OMG, these are amazing!" list.  To order some, you can check out my online Avon and mark. boutiques if you don't already have an Avon lady!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Fashion Fridays: Showing Off

Here's a fun new way to dress up old formula cans and party favors!  I just love this idea from Angela from A Mama's Two Cents Worth.  She made these cute party favor tins for her daughter's birthday party.  How cute are they!

Find out how to make your own by checking out her tutorial

Thanks for linking up, Angela!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tipping Thursday: Skincare/Makeup Do's and Don't's

There are Do's and Don't's for everything in life and skincare and makeup is no different.  Here are my Do's and Don't's:

*DON'T pump the wand of your mascara-this allows air in and will dry out your mascara.

*DO wipe off excess mascara from your wand before applying it-this will minimize clumps.  Roll it gently in a tissue or paper towel and DON'T forget the tip!

*DON'T ever EVER sleep in your makeup, especially your eye makeup-it ages your skin faster.

*DO use a foundation and concealer that matches the actual shade of your skin-not the color you wish it was.

*DON'T be afraid to try new colors.  But DON'T go overboard-pick one feature at a time to play up.  And DON'T match your eyeshadow to your eye color.

*DO shape your eyebrows-it will open your eyes up.  Just DON'T tweeze them too thin or too far apart.  It'll make you look bug-eyed.

*DON'T ever wash your face with soap!  ESPECIALLY if you have sensitive skin!  Soap will make that sensitivity worse and make it harder for you to find products that you can use.

*DO use skincare products that meet your skincare needs.  

*DO know when it's time to toss your makeup/skincare-everything has an expiration date.

What are some of your Do's and Don't's?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Who's That: Cake Wrecks

If you've never heard of Cake Wrecks, you are really missing out!  This blog makes me laugh.  For hours.
Today, I seriously spent a half an hour looking through awful, awful cakes and laughing so hard my eyes teared up.  Here's just a taste of what you've been missing:

Poor Kathleen.

I think I would have cried if my wedding cake looked like this.

Everything is better with beer and bacon.  Especially when it's beer and bacon CAKE!

I'm not sure why there's a question mark there.  I'm sure Buddy was wondering the same thing, too.

Not even holidays are safe.

What's up with the creepy head cake?!

A tribute to other cake wrecks.

But not all of the cakes shown off on Cake Wrecks are awful.  Check out the amazing details on this one!

So, if you're having a bad day or just need a good laugh, do what I do and head over to Cake Wrecks.  I promise you won't be disappointed.
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