Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hand-made Goodie of the Week: Aprons

It all started with this book I checked out at the library.  

Instantly, I thought to myself, "I must have this book!"  (and thanks to my super mom, I do!  Merry Christmas to me!)  It's full of so many awesome sewing projects that are easy-peasy, no matter what level of seamstress you are.  Amy Karol is a gifted lady, I must say.  Her instructions are so easy to follow.  When I came across the section on aprons, I knew I wanted to make some for Christmas gifts.  These are the ones I made:

This one was for my SIL Sara.  She wore it all around the house Christmas Day.  I guess that means she liked it.  The fabric was a steal-gotta love Hobby Lobby.

And this beauty was for my SIL Jenni.  The apple pockets are totally her style.

So simple-but makes a big impact.  And these are both hand-sewn, because, as I have previously mentioned, I can't use a sewing machine : )

I'm still working on one for me.  I love aprons, by the way.  But they're so cute and fun!  I just can't help it.

You can find Amy's book, Bend-the-Rules Sewing, on Amazon.  And you can check out more of Amy's awesome projects on her blog, the Angry Chicken.

And to cheer up your Tuesday, here's another giveaway from SPPN.  Go check it out and get your entries in. You could win this awesome candle from West Third.

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  1. Super cute! We have similar sewing skills. I can sew by hand, but am clueless when it comes to using a sewing machine. I have some sewing projects that I've started but not finished once I realized there was no way getting around using a machine. Blast!


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