Monday, November 29, 2010

Road Trip!

No, I'm not going on one.  I was reading through my old journals the other day and came across this entry from a ways back that made me laugh.  To call it my favorite road trip might be a stretch, but it definitely was an eventful one.  I wanted to share it with you all:

Monday, May 23, 2005

I just had an awful weekend.  It started off bad, got briefly better, then just went all downhill from there.

FRIDAY: [My friend] Whitney and I had to go to the airport to drop off her dad's car on our way to Orlando, me following her in my car.  We got that done without incident and get back on 275 (the major highway near the Tampa airport.)  We needed to go north to get to I-4 (the major highway that goes from Tampa to Daytona and goes through Orlando.)  Well, the jerk impolite driver in the lane next to us wouldn't let us over, thus forcing us into the exit lane for 275 SOUTH.  Now, immediately following this exit in the Howard Franklin Bridge, which is THE. LONGEST bridge around here.  No joke.  There are signs just before you get on it telling you to check your gas because it's that long.  So, of course, because it's a bridge, there is no place to turn around, except for at the other end of it.  So, we had to go all the way across, turn around and head back across, this time FINALLY in the right direction.  We made it to I-4 and Orlando just fine.  Now, let me back up just a bit: our reasons for going to Orlando were twofold.  One, we want to go to a church dance that was being held over there and we wanted to go to Cocoa Beach to go surfing.  We have friends that live in Orlando near UCF (the University of Central Florida) and we were planning on staying the night with them and then all of us would go to the beach the next day.  
We make it safely to [my friend] Maria's apartment to get ready for the dance and head off.  It's about 9:15 pm at this point and the dance started at 9, so we figured we would be fine.  We start off and end up getting HORRIBLY lost.  The road that we needed changes names like a million times, thus we were looking for the wrong end of it and ended up going the wrong way, winding up in an itty bitty town about 30 minutes north.  Luckily the nice man at the gas station helped us get pointed in the right direction.  We finally make it to the dance at around 11:30.  Now, usually these dances last until 1 am, so we figured we still had about a hour and a half to cut a rug.  WRONG!  About 2 minutes after we get there, we here an announcement saying something like "Dance ends in 30, so get your groove on."  [Insert angry faces here.]  We stayed til the end and then headed back to Maria's apartment.  To get back to the apartment from where the dance was, we had to drive through downtown Orlando.  Turns out a band that we all liked was playing that night and had just gone on by the time we were passing through.  We decided to stop only to discover that the show was 21 and up since it was at an outdoor bar [lame.]  We decided to go anyways, figuring we could at least listen from the street.  We parked and made our way over to find that no one was watching the back entrance.  Score!  We went right in and got to see Lit.  For free.

SATURDAY: We make it to the beach, no problems.  The weather was lovely, the water was nice and the waves were good.  As we're getting ready to leave, the sky gets very black and just opens up.  No biggie, we're heading home anyways.  We stopped at a drive thru, grabbed some lunch and started on our way home.  We're not even out of Cocoa when my tire goes flat.  As we're going across a bridge.  In the rain.  So, we pulled over onto the median-the grassy, soggy, red ant-infested median-and proceeded to change the tire. The jack kept sinking into the wet ground and falling over.  We did manage to get the tire off and put on the spare.  We got back on the road, found the next gas station and aired up the spare.  I gave my mom a call to let her know what happened and she located a Wal-mart for me so I could get a new tire (I couldn't drive all the way home, which all total was a 3 hour drive, on the spare.)  I go back inside, with the address of the Wal-mart and ask the attendant for directions.  After driving for FOREVER, we finally reach the sign for 520, where the Wal-mart is and it was right near where we had been right before we got the flat.  WE WENT IN A GIANT CIRLCE!!!  We finally get to the Wal-mart at 7:30 after having left the beach at 4:30.  The nice lady at the tire place told us it might take up to 3 hours to get to my car.  So we had to wait.  We wandered around Wal-mart for a bit.  Around 8:30, I hear my name on the loudspeaker saying that my car was done.  WOOHOO!  We made it back to Orlando and were back on the road home by 10:30.  But, no trip home from Orlando is complete without some road construction.  We finally got home at 1 in the morning.

The day started like this

 And ended like this.  This is our "Bad Day Saturday Club" that we formed in the middle of the folding chair aisle at the Wal-mart.

It wasn't too funny at the time, but looking back at it now, it makes me laugh : )
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Cyber Monday!

I've got a TON of new things up in my Etsy shop.  

That's my brother-in-law, Aaron, modeling for me.  He's single, ladies! ; )

And, in honor of Cyber Monday, you can take 20% off your entire purchase TODAY ONLY.  Just enter DSCYBER20 when you check out.  Also, all orders over $30 receive free shipping!  

I have some more holiday sales from the shop up my sleeves, so stay tuned!
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Sunday, November 28, 2010

{Love Stitched}

Tatertots and Jello is hosting a great Love Stitched giveaway.

The lucky winner will receive a $20 credit to Love Stitched's Etsy shop.  How sweet is that?!  Just in time for your holiday shopping : )
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Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's That Time Again!

Scraps and Scribbles' 2nd Annual 12 Days of Christmas Cookies Countdown starts in just a few days!  

If you'd like to be a guest and have an amazing Christmas cookie recipe that you would like to share, please email me!  I'd love for you to join in on the fun!

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fall Festival Show-offs

Thanks to everyone who linked up the Fall Festival party!  There were a lot of great projects!

Here's a look at my faves:

Check out this simple and pretty candle makeover from Hallelujahs by Holly

What CAN'T you make subway art for?  Loving this fallish spin from Carri's Crafting Corner

She Wears Flowers shared these cute wooden pilgrims and this awesome thankful quiet book-I loved them both

How cute is this oreo turkey?!?!  Head on over Love Times Three for the tutorial.

If you've been featured today, please feel free to grab a "Featured!" button.

Hope you all had a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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Dear Santa...

I'm in love.  With a machine.


I need one of these.  I'm hoping that I either get lucky and win the one House of Hepworths or Love Stitched is graciously giving away or that "Santa" will spoil me and I'll find one under my tree this year.

And these lovely ladies aren't the only ones giving away a Silhouette!  Here's some of the other places you can check out that are also giving one away:

Sigh.  A girl can dream, right?

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Who's That: Craftiness Is Not Optional

I'm pleased to introduce you all to the fab Jess from Craftiness Is Not Optional.

She's a SAHM to two cutie-pie little girls, seamstress, crafter and thrifter.  If you've never been over to Jess's blog, here's a sampling of some of her awesome projects:

Can you believe this woman?!?!  She makes Barbie clothes.  I can't even sew in a straight line on a sewing machine!

Aren't these the cutest Father's Day cards you've ever seen?  Love 'em, Jess!

As I mentioned, Jess has two little girls.  I love the way she decorated her youngest's nursery-so simple and pretty.

I'm a sucker for silhouettes and Jess has a very easy tutorial so you can make your own.

Jess is a thrifter after my own heart-I love seeing all the steals she finds.

I love throw pillows and these are just too cute!  Check out the rest of Jess's bedroom makeover.

Head on over to Craftiness Is Not Optional and have a look around at the rest of Jess's great projects!  You won't be disappointed.
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Come Show Me What You've Got!

Don't forget about the Fall Festival linky party going on here-McLinky closes at midnight on Wednesday.  Come on over and link up your fall projects!
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Friday, November 19, 2010

Fashion Fridays: DownEast Basics

I don't know how many of you are aware of my deep love for all things DownEast.  It's been a long distance love affair via the internet since we don't have any DownEast stores here in Florida.  But love them I do.  If you've never heard of DownEast, they are a modest clothing company dedicated to making you look fab without blowing your budget.  Here's a peak at some of my current faves to give you an idea of what you've been missing:

Love the ruffle details on the Bon Nuit cardi-I've got a dress that this would go perfect with!

This cascading skirt has to be my absolute favorite thing right now.  It's just so pretty and feminine.

You don't see too many cute, long skirts these days.  The cool part about the Countess skirt-it converts into a dress!

I'm a sucker for polka dots and the Southern Belle top is covered in 'em!

I've been on the hunt for a cute brown dress for years and the Your Highness dress fits the bill nicely.

Want to give DownEast a try?  Go check out their awesome site and take a look around, or head on over to Our Family Treat, who is hosting a great DownEast giveaway-the winner gets her choice of anything from their new arrivals!  How cool is that?!
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Who's That: All Things Thrifty

I am so pleased to introduce you all to the wonderfully talented Brooke from All Things Thrifty.  She is the queen of all things cheap decor-and by cheap, I mean inexpensive.  This woman can decorate and you'd never know it was done for so little!  Her blog is chock full of great decorating tips and projects that'll get those interior decorating juices flowing.  If you've never been over to Brooke's blog, here's a peak at what you're missing:

I'm a sucker for yellow.  It's just so bright and happy, which is probably why I love the flowers on this pillow so much.  Brooke shows you how to make them using this tutorial.

Can you believe that the valance is made out of a table runner and the pillows are made out of a tablecloth?!?!  LOVE it!  Check out how she did it here.

Check out this amazing re-upholstery job!  Can you believe that's the same chair?!  You can see the whole transformation as well as Brooke's top 10 upholstery tips here.

Aren't these PB knock-off signs the cutest?  And they only cost about $5!  

I am absolutely in love with this wall art.  It is just amazing!  The black design is felt!  To see the whole project and how Brooke did it, check out her tutorial.

Those yellow sidetables are to die for!  She snagged those beauties (pre-yellow) at DI.  Jealous!  Check out the before and after and all the steps in between!

Head on over to All Things Thrifty to see all of the other amazing things Brooke has to show you and get inspired!
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Signage Update

Remember this sign from way back in July?

Well, I had mentioned back then that I was going to give it an update for each holiday.  I totally spaced on Halloween, but I have made a new insert for Thanksgiving.

Since I'm too poor to own any type of craft cutting machine, I used my freezer paper method (you can find the tutorial here.)

I found a font I liked, blew it up to the right size and printed out, then traced it onto my freezer paper.

Then cut out the letters,

filled them in with some brown paint and ta-da!

I added some ribbon (if you notice, it's the same ribbon from my quick fall sign) to the bottom to give it a little something extra ;)

I'm thinking about cutting out a little turkey or pumpkin to fill that empty spot.  What do you think?

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