Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hand-made Goodie of the Week: Clothespin Hat Hanger

Last year, when we were decorating the nursery, I was looking for something for Bobby's hats.  I didn't want a hat stand, because that would be one more thing for him to knock over.  And I wanted something that I could put on the wall, up out of his reach.  While looking through my Land of Nod catalog, I came across this:

Photo courtesy of the Land of Nod

How cute!  Theirs is a "art holder" but I thought, that would be perfect for hats AND I can make one!!

To make your own, you'll need:

Wooden clothespins-I used 12 for mine
Ribbon, twine, whatever you'd like to use to string your clothespins-I used hemp
Wooden shapes-I used stars for mine.  And how many sections of clothespins you have will determine how many shapes you'll need.  I used 5-2 for the ends and 3 to separate the sections.
Paint and brushes
Fine-tipped permanant marker (optional)
Hot glue gun and glue

First, I painted my stars a bright baby blue.  While they were drying, I painted my clothespins brown using a dry brush to give it a wooden look.  Now, I took mine apart and painted each side, then put them back together.  I do not recommend doing this-it stretches out the spring and a lot of them I couldn't use and had to re-do.

Once the stars were dry, I drew a dotted line all the way around the edge to give it some character.  I used a fine-tipped marker since I don't have a steady enough had for a paint brush.

Next is cutting your twine and putting it all together.  The piece I used was about 45 inches long.  I hot glued a star to one end, then began threading on my clothespins.  I spaced everything about 2 inches apart.  

To keep the clothespins in place, I tied a knot on either side once it was threaded.  I divided my clothespins into 4 groups of 3, with a star in between each section, again, spacing each piece about 2 inches.

To make the loops to hang the stars with, I tied little loops in the hemp and then hot glued them to the top point of each star.

Time to hang and enjoy!

This is great nursery decor and can be made to match any color scheme or theme.  Makes a great baby shower gift : )


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