Friday, August 27, 2010

Fashion Friday: Holey Tee Revamp #1

Remember my sad holey tees?  Well, I promised I'd show you what I did to "fix" them.  Here are the first three.

This one I actually did a while ago, but it was the first of the holey tees to get a make-over.

This one had several spots with holes, which was tricky.

I cut out black flowers and sewed them on over the holes.  I plan on sewing on a few more to make it look more "natural."

This one was a mess-it had a HUGE patch of holes.

I cut 5 rectangles, including the spot with the holes, along the bottom of the shirt.  Then I choose a fabric that was a lighter shade of pink and cut out rectangles that were just bigger than the rectangles I cut in the shirt.  I placed them behind the holes and attached them with a light pink thread.  The result is this:

I quite like it.  It looks like the lighter fabric is woven through like a ribbon.  I'm thinking about adding a little bow on one end.  What do you think?

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  1. Love this idea! I always have holes in my shirts in the same spots!


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