Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Flood and The Aftermath

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You may have noticed that there has been a lack of crafts around here.  And there have been.  Let me tell you why:

Last Monday, it was business as usual.  There was a load of laundry going in the wash, the little man was watching his Sesame Street and I was getting some work done on the computer.  Knock, knock on my door.  I opened it and found the maintence man for our apartment complex standing there.  "Do you have a leak? 'Cause it's raining downstairs."  Shoot.  To my knowledge, nothing in our apartment was leaking.  Then I turn around and look down my hall, where the washer is and can see that the carpet is wet.  We go over to take a look and squish! the carpet is soaked!!!!  And there's about an inch of standing water all around the washer, the bathroom floor and the it's starting to creep into the kitchen.  My washer had overflowed-instead of filling up for the rinse cycle and stopping when it was full, it just kept filling and dumping water everywhere.  We unplugged the washer, took all the clothes out and began sucking out all the water (somewhere in the drum, there must have been a hole because even after it was unplugged, the washer kept draining.)  Next, they sent up the carpet guy and he vacuumed up all of the water out of the carpet and set up an air mover to dry it all out, so our carpet wouldn't mold.  The damage: for us, just a busted washer, but it managed to "rain" on the apartment below us and the one below that-3 floors!!!  Needless to say, my plans for that Monday went right out the door and the next day was spent putting my apartment back in order and the rest of the week was spent trying to catch up on two missed days.  This weekend, we went shopping for a new washer and got an AMAZING deal on a Samsung front-loading washer.

Here it is:

And with washers, come washer boxes:

which was very quickly turned into a fort for the little man.  He absolutely loves it!  He takes his breakfast in there every morning and opens his "window" and watches Sesame Street through it. 

This Monday was spent cleaning the apartment after the mess of removing the old washer, putting in the new one and not being home the rest of the weekend.

But I did get a goodie made today, and it will be up for your viewing pleasure tomorrow, along with a great guest!


  1. That is crazy! At least you got a new washer out of it! I better go check mine.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your flood. That sounds terrible.



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