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{Who's That} She Wears Flowers

I'm blog swapping with the lovely Tammy from She Wears Flowers today.  She's here sharing a great organizing project.  Take it away, Tammy!

I’m so thrilled to be swapping blogs with Scraps and Scribbles today! I remember when I first discovered her blog and I couldn’t stop reading! She does so many fun things!

I’m Tammy from She Wears Flowers where I blog in the hopes that I can inspire others the same way I am inspired when I read craft blogs. I love to sew, wield the glue gun and spread on the Mod Podge. I am pretty willing to go with whatever crafty idea pops into my head. Most of my projects have tutorials and I tend to stick with quick, easy and very satisfying projects. I hope you’ll stop by and see what I’m up to!

Cutters 7

Today’s project is super simple and has been fabulous for my kitchen! I have a really small kitchen—really small—so space is at a premium. Unfortunately, I probably don’t use it very well. I can’t reach the stuff in the little cupboards above my fridge so this is where I shove the stuff that I don’t use often—like cookie cutters and decorating supplies.  And by shove, I mean shove. (So embarrassing!)
I decided to do something about my mess and I started with all of those cookie cutters. I have a lot (Notice I didn’t show the other side of that cupboard? Much worse than this one!) so I thought I’d share how I organized them and made it easy to find one when I need it.

Cutters 15


Cutters 4

(I always seem to start with all of my materials, take a picture, then add more later—sorry!)
cookie cutters
plastic sleeves for binder
binder dividers with tabs
cover for binder (printable in instructions)
containers for cookie cutters
vinyl labels or regular labels


Sort your cookie cutters into piles and decide what labels you will need. Since I used plastic shoe box sized containers, I wanted each pile to fit in that size box. This helped determine my groups.
Label your tabs for the dividers.

Cutters 5

I put my dividers in alphabetical order in my binder. This helps when I am looking for something if the binder gets really full.

Cutters 6

Trace each cookie cutter onto paper. (This is a great job for older children!) I only used one side of each paper and didn’t worry if I had some pages with big spaces. That way, I have plenty of room to add more as I buy them.

Cutters 8

Insert each page, back to back, in the clear sleeves and put into binder in the right section.

Cutters 9

You can flip through easily to see if you have a certain cookie cutter or to decide what you want to use for a project. The sections will coordinate with your containers so you will be able to find your cutter easily. Now I can quickly figure out if the frog is in my animal box or my fairy tale box without having to climb on a chair to pull them all down—I just check the binder first!
This also comes in really handy when you are using a different shape to make something. (Like hearts for ladybugs, for instance.)

Cutters 10

Make a cover for your binder and then store it with your other kitchen books.

Cutters 14

You can print this cover for personal use. Click the picture below to enlarge it and then print.
(You may want to copy the jpeg file into another program so you can change the size to make it work. I can’t figure out how to get it to print the right size. This file was made as an 8.5 x 11 inch size, but it tends to change by the time it is printed.)
You can also try HERE for a pdf version.

Cutter 3

Label your box so it is easily identifiable. I labeled mine on one end and the top.

Cutters 11Cutters 12

There you go—done!
Your cookie cutters are separated into groups in containers that are easily accessible and a binder with all of the information also easily accessible. Here’s to hoping that when I get on the chair to reach above the fridge for something, I will actually be able to find it quickly!
Not the most exciting project, but so exciting to have these cookie cutters organized and the cabinet clutter tamed for a while!

Cutters 13

Thanks for swapping blogs Courtney!
I hope to see lots of you at my blog soon!

tammy 9

Thanks so much for coming by today Tammy!  I hope you all check out Tammy's amazing blog!
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  1. Thanks so much for swapping blogs today! ;) I love the wreath you posted on my blog--especially that it is easy to change!

  2. That is a great tip!!! Wish I had cookie cutters to do this with... Acutally I do something similiear to organize my fabrics.


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