Wednesday, May 4, 2011

{Who's That} 504 Main

You guys, we have an awesome guest with us today.  The fab Holly from 504 Main and I are blog swapping today, so she's here to share a bit of herself and her wonderful creations with you while I do the same for her readers.  I hope you all love her (seriously, though, what's not to love?!)

Hey there! Happy May!
I just realized my kids are out of school in 24 days! Can you believe that!? Anyway, before it gets too crazy at my house, I am so very tickled to be here at Scraps and Scribbles! This is my first ever blog excited...thanks Courtney!

So, you just might want to know who the heck are you talking to...I am Holly, and 504 Main is my home away from home where I entertain, cook, create. I drink way too much coffee {mochas, please} and stay up way too late, and read way too many blogs! I love making a mess and sometimes that turns into a brilliant craft...and sometimes not. That about sums it up! Just kidding...

I am a former fashion designer, turned wedding planner, turned author, turned obsessed blogger. As for my style, I have a vintagey, beat up, discarded, slightly French, yet totally American aesthetic {confused? Me too sometimes!}. I like what I like! I LOVE repurposed crafting and creating. And I like things that sparkle and glitter!

My current favorite project that puts the twinkle in my stars is my Family Heirloom Wreath. I love this creation (if I do say so myself!) 

I am totally off base when it comes to getting organized - I used to be able to keep it all straight in my head...but no more, so I created my Family Command Center with Enameled Tags. It actually works  the whole family finally knows where to look to find out what's up.

I prefer to use unusual materials to create beautiful projects, like my screen wreath,

or my Sunburst biscuit table.
{joining biscuits and paint and glue = LOVE!}

{made from joining biscuits - again - and lots of glitter and glue}

The crazier, the more unexpected, the older, the odder, the more beat up something is, the more likely I am to be inspired by it. Salvaging old windows seems to be my new obsession.

And if I cannot find what I like, I make it,like my faux "old" crates

Did I mention I was a fashion designer and I love sparkles...oh yeah, I did. Well, I broke out my old sketches and glittered them up and I love them!

I also like to express my creativity in my cooking and baking...

A Big THANK YOU to Courntey for having me today!

504 Main

Come on by and say "Hi" at 504 Main.
I am also a part of the DIY Club 
where we host monthly project parties with GREAT prizes.

A big, HUGE thank you to Holly for coming by today!  I hope you all head over to her blog and see the amazing things she's up to!
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  1. Hey, I recognize that wreath! Still love it!

  2. Wow, I didn't realize you were a fashion designer Holly! Love getting to know you better!


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