Thursday, May 26, 2011

Where'd I go?

If you wondered where I've been this week, as there has been a serious lack of posts, here's the culprit:

These are all the books for my 2 8-10 page research papers, my 5-6 page mini research paper, my 2-3 page short analysis paper and discussion board posts for 2 classes..  And that was just from the earlier part of this week.  I still have 3 essay tests and discussion boards for 2 classes to do, all by Sunday night.  Homework has literally taken over my life these last 2 weeks.  I have seriously not had time for anything else.  Can you say stressed?!

The good news is, once Sunday is passed, things will simmer down a little and I will once again have time to craft and blog {and shower :) }  And I've got some fun things lined up to show you once I get them done-I'm excited!

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