Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Who's That: Knock-Off Wood

Meet Ana.  She's obsessed with furniture (her words.)  She is the mind and brawn behind Knock-Off Wood and definitely the woman to check out if you're looking  to spruce up your home for less.

Ever browse through Pottery Barn and drool over all the gorgeous furniture, thinking, "I love all of this, but it's just so darn expensive!"  Well, thanks to Ana, you can make it!  That's right-YOU can make furniture that looks like a page from a Pottery Barn catalog, with the help of Ana's awesome plans.  She finds cool furniture, draws up plans and posts them on her awesome blog so that you can make the same thing for way less than it would cost you to buy it at the store.  How cool is that?!  Here's just a couple of the projects she has plans available for that I adore:

Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn
Isn't this rustic entryway bench just lovely?  Seriously, I want it.  But I don't want to pay Pottery Barn prices for it.  Don't have to, thanks to Ana!

Photo courtesy of Williams Sonoma Home
This one is my favorite by far.  As soon as I have a kitchen to put this in, I'm building it.  This beauty is from Williams Sonoma Home and retails for $4500.  Yep, you read that right.  And it's special order only.  Gag!  How about building your own for around $100?  Sounds much better.  And then, when someone compliments your lovely furniture, you can say, "I made it!"

Thank you Ana for sharing your wonderful talent and love for beautiful furniture with all of us!  You've got me hooked!

Go check out her blog and all of her amazing plans!

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  1. Sweet! Thanks for sharing! I am always up for a good $$ saving tip, esp for home decor right now!


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