Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hand-made Goodie of the Week: Name Banner

Great shower gift or just to personalize your own nursery or big kid's room.  I was inspired by the Land of Nod for this project.  I was looking for some ways to add some personal touches to the baby's room and I saw this and thought, "I could make that."  

Land of Nod

So I did.

To make your own, you'll need:

Ribbon-the length will depend on the length of the name, but you want about a half inch in between each letter and about 10 inches on either end for the bows
Paper (you can use scrapbook paper, cardstock, really anything you want.  I used a cute magazine cover.)
Utility knife
Alphabet stencil (if you want.  I free-handed mine.)

Draw or trace the letters of the name you are making the banner of.   Note:If you are drawing your letters free-hand, make sure to measure how tall your first letter is so that you can keep all of your letters the same height.  Using the utility knife, carefully cut out the letters.  Cut two slits (just a little wider than your ribbon) in each letter near the top of the letter.  Carefully string the letters on your ribbon and tie a bow on either end.  Hang and enjoy.

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