Thursday, February 11, 2010

What were they thinking?!?!

Ok, so normally, I love Forever 21.  Just about everything in that store is cute and makes me think, "I want that!"  So I was sadly shocked and disappointed and taken aback when I came across this little (emphasis on the "little") number and a few other doozies while perusing through their website last night while waiting for the hubs to call.
I mean, SERIOUSLY?!?!?!  I don't care how great your abs are, there is absolutely no one in the entire world that SHOULD be wearing this top.  Even if you CAN.  The days of bearing one's mid-section in public places excluding the beach have long since passed.  Maybe it could be used to go under something, I guess.  But never, NEVER should it be worn alone!!!!!

And then there was this:

I like feathers.  I think when used appropriately,  feathers can be very cute and creative in clothing design.  This is not an example of that.  To me, it looks like someone made this skirt, thought, "Ah!  It's a little too short.  How we make it look longer?  I know!  Let's add some feathers to the hem!  That'll do it!"  The result: this belted monstrosity.  None of it goes together.  Again, something no one should ever wear, except for maybe as part of a Halloween costume.

Last but most certainly not least, was this:

This made me go "Huh?"  Who wears their gloves tied around their waist as a belt?  No one that I know of.  How would that even work?  You have to have elbow-length gloves, tie the ends together and then loop the hand ends together.  And what is up with the U-G-L-Y basket-weave hem?  Overall, not something I would recommend.

Even so, Forever 21 remains one of my favorite places to shop, despite the occasional bad fashion sense.  Hope these made you laugh as much as they made me.

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