Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spotlight (and a giveaway!): mark.

For those of you who have never heard of mark., here's a bit about them:

It's a line by Avon geared especially for younger women.  In fact, their slogan is: "For women, by women."  Not that if you're 60, you can't use mark.  But mark is more than just make-up.  They are a full-range beauty company, covering everything from skincare to jewelry to bath and body to clothing to, of course, make-up.  Their products have won various awards from magazines like Allure, Cosmo, Glamour and have been featured as cover make-up on covers for Lucky, Seventeen and many more.  I, myself, am a mark rep*.  I just fell in love with their products and wanted to be able to share them with others.  The thing I love most about mark is that you can look great no matter what your income is.  Their products are very reasonably priced and very high quality.  Think of it as getting department store make-up quality at drugstore prices.

And their website is awesome!  You can check out all of mark's offerings, shop the Last Chance section (getting great beauty products for almost nothing always makes my day,) find out what's new and trendy-there's even a section called Shades of You that helps you find the colors that work best based on your skin tone!  There's even picks by spokeswoman, Lauren Conrad-you can find out what she likes and uses by looking for the little pink heart next to products.

Here's a few mark products that I love (and can't live without):

mark's i-pick eyeshadows are amazing!  They come in almost every color you could ever want.  They go on super-silky and last all day.  I love, love, LOVE them!

mark Berry Grand super exfoliating beads-by far the best facial exfoliator I have ever used!  It's all natural ingredients, which I love.  All you do is shake a little out, mix it with whatever cleanser you use and scrub away.  I like that the beads aren't harsh on my skin, but still give my face a nice, deep clean.

mark's Make It Big plumping mascara-this mascara is amazing!  No clumps, no flakes-it makes your lashes look fabulous (and best of all, like they're naturally like that-you can't even tell you have mascara on!)

Mega Volume Next Day Spray-I use this on those days when I don't feel like re-styling my hair.  But, Courtney, shouldn't you wash your hair every day?  No-in fact, top stylists recommend that you only wash your hair 2-3 times a week (unless you have oily hair, then you obviously need to wash more often.)  This product is great for those non-washing days.  It refreshes hair and reduces oiliness in between shampoos.  And it's only $5!

Oh, the hook-ups, where would I be without you?  These little babies are what first got me hooked on mark. The one pictured above is a Winkstick, a cream eyeshadow stick.  Hook-ups come in just about everything you'd need to do your entire face-brushes, eyeshadow, mascara, concealer, blush and lipstick.  There are even skin treatments-I use the one for puffy eyes.  All in a portable, changeable package.  See, how hook-ups work is you have your individual products and they connect together in the middle with a hook-up connector (not shown.)  When one product runs out or you want to change things up, you just pop off the one you want to change out and snap on a different one.  I seriously own like 15 of these!  I keep them in my purse so I have make-up with me wherever I am.

So I mentioned the concealer hook-up above.  Here it is.  It comes in pencil form, which makes it easy to apply (no brush needed!) and it's portable!  Lightweight formula with great, blendable coverage.  Great for touch-ups on the go, too.

Hook-up lip gloss.  But not just any lip gloss, Pro Gloss.  This little baby plumps your lips up just enough for a full, kiss me look-no joke.  You can feel it start to work when you put it on.  And the gloss isn't sticky or gooey, which is always nice.

Did I forget to mention that there are even hook-up fragrances?  Oh yes.  Now you can take your perfume anywhere.  I love Jewel the best.  It smells soooooo good!

Last but not least, Juice Gems lipgloss.  These are fantastic!  Just the right amount of color and shine without being sticky or goopey.  My favorite is Mango Tango, which is the orangey-peach one above.  Leaves my lips a lovely peachy color.  And it smells great!

Hope you enjoyed getting to know mark!  If you saw something you liked, you can check it out on the mark website or visit my eBoutique.  And to help you get to know mark, I'm giving away one Fig Juice Gem to one lucky reader!  Here's how you can enter (up to 4 entries per person):

1. Become a follower of Scraps and Scribbles and let me know! 
2. Visit mark's website and post a comment letting me know what you thought about mark, what your favorite product is or what one you'd like to try.
3. Promote Scraps and Scribbles or this giveaway on your own blog-leave me a link to it.
4. Let your friends on Facebook and Twitter know about Scraps and Scribbles and the mark Giveaway.

Leave a separate comment for each, please : )

The giveaway starts today and runs through noon EST on Thursday, February 11, so get your entries in!  I'll announce the winner on Friday, Feb. 12.

*I am in no way trying to pressure anyone into feeling like they have to buy something from me.  My only goal with this post was to spotlight an awesome brand and help readers learn more about their products.  


  1. I follow your blog :)

    Mark has a lot of cute and very trendy cosmetics. My mom always orders from the Avon Lady so I saw Mark products afew times on her buying list. The juicy tubes are supposed to be great for shine!

  2. How fun! I would love to try some of those gem lip glosses. What a great giveaway!

    Thanks for linking up!


  3. I follow you!!! And I looooove the mega volume. It totally works!

  4. I am so glad that you posted about the giveaway on Facebook. First of all, I had no idea you had a blog. So fun! So, I'm a follower now :) and now I'm off to do #2, 3, & 4!! :)

  5. 2 down... two more to go :) I posted about you on my blog:

  6. Okay, so I spent way too much time on the mark. site just now. I'm always complaining to the hubs that I feel like a blah mommy since the birth of baby #2. I have a hard time finding products that are (a) affordable and (b) actually work well. ANYWAY... those hook ups sound pretty cool; I like the idea of just throwing something in my diaper bag for when I'm on the go. Maybe pro glimmer or gloss? My lips are the one part of my face that is perpetually naked! Then again, I only wash my hair every other day, so the Mega Volume is appealing, too. Um, sorry for the lengthy comments!

  7. I just signed up to follow your blog- it's so cute! I'd love to try that lip gloss :)


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