Monday, February 15, 2010

Buttons, Buttons, Buttons

Ok, so I've previously mentioned that I'm a little on the computer illiterate side.  Like in a major way.  I pretty much know just the bare minimum basics and that is it.  But I'd like to learn.  On that note, is there someone who would teach me how to make buttons for my blog?  Or know of somewhere online that could help me design one (preferably for free)?  Also, how do I attach a PDF file to a post so that when someone clicks on the link, they can download the PDF?  I'd love you forever and maybe even make you cookies :)


  1. I've never done it, but for the PDF, maybe try this link?

  2. Hey there! I make buttons but after cranking out a bunch for free I started charging for them. I use Photoshop for my buttons now but I started out using standard paint.

    An easy way you can make a button to match your blog is to point your mouse on your background and click "Save background as" then save it where you can easily find it. Then go to paint and open up the file. You can crop different textures like cut a nice square of the polka dots, then a smaller square of the aqua and pink and lay over the polka dots. Then add your text, get creative and use an eye catching color. Add an interest piece like a flower or a crayon (for scribbles) whatever you like. Viola! You have a button!

    Make sure the button measures no more than 220 by 220 because it won't fit on most sidebars if it is larger.

    Save your button and then upload it to a photo hosting site like

    Grab the link code

    then (I tried to give you the code to add your image and get a button with grab code but comments does not allow html tags so you can email me and I will send it to you)

    Once you have the code set up then go to edit layout then "add a gadget" on your sidebar then "html" then insert the code and save.

    You will have a button!!

    Hope that helps!

    You can check out my button site at if you like!

  3. Tamara, this is why I love you! Thanks for all the great info! I'm getting one started.


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