Friday, February 5, 2010

Fashion Fridays:Closet Raid

Just a few things that I'm loving at the moment-from my very own closet!

Quite easily my favorite birthday present.  I love, love, LOVE my purple patent leather ruffle shoes.  

Don't they just scream sassy?  Or, as my sister-in-law says, these are some hot shoes!

I love the color and print on this dress.  And it was such a steal-$10!  Perfect for spring, which is right around the corner : )

(Sorry the picture quality isn't the best-it's dark and rainy outside so I had no natural light.)  I love the details on this shirt-the buttons down the side, the asymmetrical hem-and it's nice and long.  It rocks a pair of skinny jeans like nothing else.

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Happy Friday, all!

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