Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What I'm Wearing {The Short Version}

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I slacked.  Again.  I think the problem is I have spread myself too thin.  I really have a billion things on my plate lately.  That said, I think I'm going to be taking a break from WIW for a while.  It'll be just one less thing I have to remember to keep up with.  And I need to kind of simplify things right now before I seriously have a mental breakdown : )

So, this will be the last WIW for the near future.  I promise it won't be gone forever.

A few weekends' ago, a group of ladies from my ward had a girls' night and I happily went.  It's nice to have some girly time every now and then.
Burgandy tee: Holister (I've had this since HIGH SCHOOL!  How funny!)
White tank: ?
Grey jacket: Aeropostale (hand-me-down from my mom)
Dark skinnies: thrifted American Eagle
Headband: Sally Beauty Supply
Black bead necklace: made by me : )
Black sandals: Charlotte Russe

And these pretty vintage cobalt blue leaf earrings.  They're from my shop and I just love them!

Family pic!  Really, it's just an excuse to show off my handsome husband and cute little guy :)
Purple tee: American Eagle (I fixed it up myself-tutorial coming soon!)
Blue tank: Forever 21
Skinny jeans: Levi's
Sandals: Rainbows

Til next time!


  1. Love the Charlotte Russe sandals!!

  2. Courtney~you are such a cutie! Sending hugs & hope that life settles down soon! :)


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