Saturday, March 5, 2011


I often don't share much of my personal life on this blog.  I think it's mainly because I created to be separate from my personal family blog in the first place.  That, and I'm kind of a private person.  I do share tidbits here and there, but while reading through my blogroll, I came across this post on one of the blogs I read and it struck something in me.  I wanted to share it with all of you.

I took this picture of the Orlando Florida temple on one of my visits there last fall.  It's one of my favorite places to visit.

You may or may not know that I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints.  Most people know us as the Mormons.  I have been a member my entire life-both of my parents were converts who joined the Church as young adults, and raised us kids as Later-day Saints.  They always encouraged us to learn for ourselves and to really study and seek out the truth-they didn't want us to just take their word that the Church was true.  As a teenager, I struggled, not only with my faith, but with just finding out who I was and through all of that, I did learn for myself that my Savior is real and that He loves me.  I couldn't imagine who I would be without the things the Church has taught me.  I have challenges in life, as all people do, and my life is nowhere close to perfect.  I think this blog is a testament to that, as sometimes my chaotic life takes over and blogging gets put on hold.

On top of being a "Mormon," I'm a mommy. That puts me in the Mormon Mommy Blogger category, one that includes a lot more bloggers than you realize.  I am proud of my faith and I am proud that I am able to stay home and raise my son and whatever future children come to our family.  I love my "job"-I get to see the rewards of it every day when my son gives me a big hug and a sloppy kiss and tells me he loves me or when I see the joy in his eyes when he discovers something new.  I wouldn't trade that for all of the high-paying, prestigious jobs in the world.  

I'm sure some of you saw that article from Salon magazine about Mormon Mommy Bloggers.  Apparently it's a big deal.  Then I read this post on, of all places, Mormon Mommy Blogger's blog and it really hit home.  I am not ashamed of who I am or what I do or what I believe in.  I don't want any of you to think that because I don't share much of my personal life that I'm embarrassed by it.  I am proud of all of those things.  I really encourage you to read both of those posts-they are full of great things and things I needed to hear.

Would you like me to share more personal things mixed in with all of the crafts and recipes and fashion?

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