Friday, March 11, 2011

{Fashion Friday} Dress Re-fashions

Sorry about the lack of posting this week, guys.  I spent the week at my mom's and kinda took a break from everything.  I did, however, get some sewing in and I made a considerable dent in my "need to be fixed" pile.

I had dresses in that pile that needed some modestification (that's totally a word now) so that I could feel comfortable wearing them out in public : )

This one is actually from back in December.  My husband's work throws a semi-fancy Christmas party every year so I had to find something nice to wear.  I found this pretty off-white dress at Forever 21 for only $11!  It was just a tad too short and the pretty tulip skirt kinda showed a little too much, so, with my mom's help, I attached a tulle ruffle all the way around.  The original plan was to make kind of an underskirt for it, but I couldn't find fabric that matched ANYWHERE!  The dress is kind of an odd color-it's more like a grayish off-white, but I found some tulle that matched perfectly and ta-da!  Sorry there's no before picture or one of me wearing it-I lost some pics a couple weeks ago and I'm guessing that since I can't find them, those pictures were part of that.

I was really happy with how it turned out and got very nice compliments on it all night long : )

This dress I snatched up on sale at Kohls a couple months back and it's been sitting in my "mending" bag ever since because it was about 6 inches too short.  When I bought it, I knew exactly how I was going to alter it, it's just been a matter of sitting down and doing it!

I made a nice, long black panel to attach to the bottom 
{Look!  I'm sewing on a sewing machine!  And in straight lines too!}

And now it's ready to wear!

If you've been following along for a while, you might recognize this dress from a past What I'm Wearing.  This pretty white dress is from H & M.  It has some lovely cap sleeves, which, unfortunately, let some things hang out, if you will.

But there's nothing a little ruffle can't fix!  I added a ruffle that was wide near the bottom and sides of the sleeves and got skinnier at the top.  I'm thinking of adding a matching ruffle to the bottom {it feels a little short to me when I wear it and it makes me self-conscious : p}

I've got a formal dress that I'm working on-I promise pics when it's all done!

Hope you have a fab weekend!
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