Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What I'm Wearing #14

Despite being super-stressed this past week, I did manage to make myself look presentable (most days.)

Thursday night I got to go have dinner with my dear friend Teeny, whom I hadn't seen in a while.  We had a lovely time chatting and munching together!
{Our new golden retriever puppy, Toby, wanted to get in on the photo-taking action.  Isn't he cute?!}

Mustard sweater: Kohls
Light skinnies: Levi's
Black boots: Rack Room Shoes

Saturday was a jeans and tee kind of day, but it was also a bit damp and chilly (hence the hoodie)

Graphic tee: Jedidiah
Black zip-front hoodie: Kohls
Dark skinnies: thrifted American Eagle

I really don't wear this type of tee all that often, but I really love the illustration on it-I think it's so pretty.

Sunday we had my mom and her boyfriend and his two boys over for dinner.  Here's me playing hostess.

Black tee: DownEast Basics
Mustard skinnies: thrifted Forever 21
Floral print scarf: Pac Sun

Ugh, Monday.  I did not want to get dressed that day.  So I kind of just threw something on {I didn't even bother to wash my hair or put on make-up that day.  Grody, huh?}

Grey sweater: thrifted American Eagle
Purple tee-shirt bra: Victoria's Secret
Dark skinnies: thrifted American Eagle

This one is actually from a few weeks ago, I just forgot to post it {I'm a little absent-minded sometimes, in case you couldn't tell :) }

White and black polka dot button-up: gift from my mom YEARS ago for my bday
Black tank: Papaya
Dark skinnies: thrifted American Eagle

Thank you all for your sweet, sweet comments each week-they really make my day!  I must say, I'm not actually all that comfortable taking all these pictures of myself, but your encouraging comments are what keep me doing it.  And I must admit, I'm a little jealous of all you ladies who con get your husbands to take your picture (and nice ones at that!)  You have to tell me your secret, because I can't get mine to do it without lots of grumbling and eye rolling and whatnot.  And even then, sometimes he won't.  Oh well, sometimes is better than never, right?
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  1. I love your mustard sweater from Kohls. Actually, I love that whole outfit. Trust me when I tell you I know how you feel about not having anyone to take your pics. All my pics are taken by my 12 year old who is NOT a photographer. Being in front of the camera really makes me feel weird too. I'm hoping with time it gets easier!

  2. Dito on the sweater from Kohls! Love that style of sweater!



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