Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hand-made Goodie of the Week: {Anniversary Gift}

So, I know, my anniversary was like, 2 months ago.  But as most of you who have been following along can atest, things have been SUPER crazy these last few months for me.  I'm just glad that they're beginning to return to normal.

Anyways, this is what I made for my hubby for our 5 year anniversary.

It's a book with a page for each month of the year.

And on each page, is a date already planned and paid for.  Like this one, our date for the month is bowling.

Some of the dates, like this one, I couldn't get ahead of time.  The Strawberry Festival is a big thing here in Florida every March and my husband loves going.  But you can't buy tickets until February.  So, for this one, I already have the money set aside for it, just have to go pick up the tickets when they become available.

I decorated each page to go along with that month's date with cute little saying and sweet notes to my hubby. This is for June and we're going on a little beach getaway : )

Here's my inspiration for the whole project:
{A big HUGE thank you to the awesome person who helped me re-find this link.  You're da bomb!}
She has a ton of other lovely paper, scrapbooky projects over on her blog-I definitely recommend heading over and taking a look around!

I've got a sweet guest for you all tomorrow {hooray for the return of Who's That!} and I'm guest blogging somewhere, so stop by to find out who and where!
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