Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Halloween Madness: Mod Podge Pumpkin Can

If you weren't able to make it over to Mod Podge Rocks! last week to see my guest project, here's what you missed:

Mod Podged Pumpkin Can

He's my newest creation.  He sits by my front door to welcome our guests.  Here's how to make your own pumpkin can:

One large, clean aluminum can
Fall or Halloween patterned fabric
Old wire hanger
Black craft paint and black spray paint
Freezer paper
Paint brushes
Sticks, leaves and pinecones

Wash and iron your fabric before cutting.  Measure the height and circumference of your can.  Using those measurements, cut out a piece of fabric to go around your can.  I added on a half inch to each measurement so I'd be able to fold under the raw edges when I attached it.

Then, using my handy freezer paper, I made a stencil for the pumpkin's face.  Draw the face onto the paper, waxy side down and carefully cut out.

Then iron it onto your fabric, again, with the waxy side down.

Using your paint brush and black craft paint, paint the design onto your fabric.  I used Folk Art paint #661, Metallic Sequin Black-it's got a bit of sparkle in it.

While the paint dries, prepare your coat hanger.  This is going to be the handle for your can.  I bent mine into a zig-zag shape, then spray-painted it black.  (Sorry the shadow makes it sort of hard to see.  We've had a lot of overcast days here lately.)

Once the face is dry, it's time to attach it to the can.  Here's where the mod podge comes in!  But there is a little step in between.  Using a nail, screwdriver, what-have-you, punch two holes, one on each side  in the can for the hanger to go through so you can attach your handle later.

Apply a generous amount of mod podge to one end of the fabric strip and stick it down on the can.

Then work around the can, mod podging the fabric on as you go.

It looks a little fuzzy because the mod podge is still wet.  Let it sit for about 30 minutes or until completely dry.

Once it's completely dry, it's time to attach the handle.  Using the holes you've already created, punch holes through the fabric and insert the ends of the hanger.

I added a little scrap of fabric as a bow on the handle for some extra flair.

Fill with sticks and pinecones and you're done!

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  3. totally darling project... clever too.


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