Thursday, October 14, 2010

I {Heart} You, Too!

I have received two lovely awards as of late and I wanted to say thanks and pass along the love.

I got this sweet one from the lovely Kati of the Multi-Purpose Life

and this fancy one from the generous Kat of Big K, little a

Thank you, ladies!  You brought a smile to my face :)

And now, here are the rules:

1.  Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award
2. Tell us 7 random things about yourself.
3. Select 10 bloggers that you would like to share this award with and let them know.

Seven Random Things You May (or May Not) Know About Me:

1. I hate, hate, HATE housework.  Yet, a messy anything drives me nuts!!!  And I love organizing things.  I guess hiding somewhere inside me is a really organized person.  Kind of like a combination of Monica and Rachel from friends, minus Monica's weirdness with germs.

2. My pet peeves are: people who only sing one part of a song over and over, people who pronounce things incorrectly (constantly!!), adults who talk to each other in baby voices, and people who argue for the sake of arguing.

3. I can fit my entire fist in my mouth, a trick that my husband does not like me showing to other people.

4. I am super self-conscious about myself.  Having to take pictures of myself for this blog is helping me with that (all of the sweet comments you leave really do boost my spirits and brighten my day.)

5. I am the only person in my family who's not named after a relative.  All of my siblings have a part or all of their name that is a family name.  I'm the only one who doesn't.

6. I love to read!  When I was younger, I would read 2 or 3 books at a time.  It drove my parents nuts!

7. I also love to sing.  And I've been told I'm pretty good at it.  In high school, I was in all four of my school's choirs, including the honor choir and a cappella group.  I even sang in my junior college's choir.  It one of those things I wish I could do more of.

And here are the 10 lovely blogs I'm passing these on to (in no particular order):

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  1. "people who only sing one part of a song over and over"

    That's because we can't get it out of our head & hope that it'll help!! haha! :D


  2. That is so funny because i told my husband you looked familiar and that i thought i knew you from a blog i read. But i wasn't sure which one, what a small world! We don't even regularly go to that ward, we missed ours that day so we went to the later one ;) oops... Your son is so adorable my husband kept talking about how cute he was!! Thanks for writing me or else id still be searching over all the blogs i read to find out who it was that i saw at church! :)

  3. Thank you so much for the award! I loved learning some new things about you. Info #3 made me laugh out loud! ;)

  4. Courtney - you're sooooo sweet! Thank you for thinking of me. As you know, I'm a fan of your blog too! :) I'm very behind and backed up with blogging but I will try to pass this on! THANK YOU for making me smile (and lol)!



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