Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I am home, safe and sound from my trip to Utah!  The little man and I had a grand time-more pictures coming tomorrow.  It was great to have a little break from everything.  I know some of you might have been a little bummed about the lack of posting while I was gone.  Sorry for that.  I tried to get things ready ahead of time (it was sort of a last minute trip, as are most things in my life) but with everything else I needed to get done before we left, it just didn't happen.  And to be honest, it was kind of nice to have a little blogging break.  Not that I don't love you all, but I think a break is needed every now and then!  The last thing I wanted to worry about while I was on vacation was having to keep up with my blog.

But, I'm home now and things will return to normal real soon.  Promise :)

Also, don't forget to check to see if you won any of the Reader Appreciation Week giveaways-I'm still waiting to hear from one more person!  You have until tomorrow to contact me or I'll have to choose a new winner :(  

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  1. Award time!

    There's one you haven't gotten yet!


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