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Who's That: Living with Punks

I'm so happy for you all to meet Susan today.  She's visiting from Living with Punks and has a cool floor cushion tutorial to share today.  Take it away, Susan!


Hey all you Scraps & Scribble's readers! I'm Susan and I blog over at Living with Punks. I love to create and sew things up for my three little punks when I get the chance to. I get alot of inspiration from everyday things and just try to figure out how to make it...sometimes it works! Many thanks to Courtney from having me over and share this tutorial with you. I've made all three of my punks one of these, and it always brings me great joy when I see them choose this cushion to sit on or just lay on it and watch TV. I hope you are inspired to make one!

After browsing page after page of Land~of~Nod and Pottery Barn Kids for years, I've decided to take the bull by the horns and make my own stuff! 
First on the list: 
One Seater Floor Cushion
If you'd like to make your own, here's what you'll need:
  • 1 yard Home Dec Fabric
  • 2 pkgs. 1/2 " pre made piping
  • Contrasting Thread
  • 16-24oz. Fiberfill, depending on how lofty you want it
I started first by drawing my own 17" diameter circle.  I had searched the Internet for a template to just print out, but couldn't find.  Thankfully, for some unknown reason, I had a thingamajig compass in my craft storage.  So, I reverted back to 5th grade and figured out how to make a nice round 17" circle!  It was super can too!
Next, cut out all your pieces. 
You will need:
 2 of the 17" circles (top and bottom)
1 piece cut at 9"x51.5" (side) **you will have to piece this together if your fabric is 45"**
2 pieces cut at 3" x 12" (handle)
 Begin by pinning your bias tape directly on to one of the circles,
making sure to line up raw edges
 When you get to the end, overlap pieces and bend them at an angle
Using a contrasting thread, stitch right on top of the stitching that is on your pre-made piping.  Make sure to use a contrasting thread that is easy to see on the wrong side of your fabric (this will make sense later). 
Sew both circles this way
 Now lets work on the handle.  Lay the piping on the right side of either lengthwise side and pin in place, matching raw edges.  Sew in place.
Place the other handle piece on top and using your previous stitching as a guide (this is where the contrasting thread comes in handy), stitch the two pieces together on the sides only, leaving about 1/4" from the sides free so it is easy to fold under once you turn right side out. 
Turn the handle right side out and fold in the small ends, iron if needed.  Edge stitch in coordinating thread on the small ends to close
So this is what you should have so far! Pretty!
Now lets move on:
Take your large side piece and pin it carefully to one of the circles,
right sides together and matching raw edges. 
Make sure to leave about 1" free on the end.  Do not pull too hard, and make sure to compensate for the curve of the circle
Pin all the way around until you come to the other end. 
You will see that your two pieces will come together nicely.   
Pin the width-wise seam together and sew a 1/2" seam.  Once that is sewn,
finish pinning the rest down to the circle
Now, again using your previous stitching from when you sewed
on the bias tape, stitch right on top
to sew the two pieces together
Turn right side out and position where you want your handle. 
I just centered it on one side and pinned into place.  Make sure to leave some slack in the middle so its easy to carry.
Double stitch around for reinforcement and stitch an X for extra strength
Turn wrong side out again and pin the other circle just like the other one.  This time leave an opening wide enough to turn and stuff with fiberfill.  Stitch in place, again, using the contrasting stitching as a guide
Turn right side out and fill with fiberfill.
Hand stitch closed and you're DONE!!
Now, go make your punks some floor pillows to sit on
or use as a table
or to just lug around
Please post yours to our flikr pool if you make one..I would love to see  :)

Thanks so much for coming by today, Susan and for sharing this cool project!  I know I'm going to be making  some of these!

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  1. I absolutely love this. I am going fabric shopping tomorrow. Thanks for posting this, I am going to share it with friends!


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