Friday, October 1, 2010

Fashion Fridays: Holey Tee Revamp #2

I hope you all have been enjoying Reader Appreciation Week!

I've been working on that pile of t-shirts again and got one done this week (along with a bunch more sewing projects!)

I saw this shirt while in Miami and knew exactly shirt I could do this to!

This shirt had a pretty good sized hole.  I was so upset-I'd only worn it a few times!  But I thought the ruffles and lace would be perfect to covering it up and adding some flair.  I stitch up the hole, so it wouldn't keep growing, then got to work.

I started from measuring the shirt from the right shoulder seem to bottom middle (just a little to the left of the hole.)  Using those measurements, I cut two pieces of lace and then added on 6 inches to the length and cut out two pieces of knit fabric that were 2 inches wide.  I ruffled the knit fabric.

Then I pinned on one piece of lace, sewed it in place, then pinned on a ruffle and sewed it in place.

Repeat with the remaining lace and ruffle.

And you're done!

I like the way the ruffles and the lace look together.

And that hole?

Can't even tell it was ever there!

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