Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tipping Thursdays: 5 Things Every Girl Should Have in Her Make-up Bag

Sorry I've been tip-less these last few weeks.  As I've previously mentioned, things have been chaotic around here.  Extremely chaotic.  I'm trying really hard to catch up.

Every girl has products that she swears by.  Here are my top 5 things I'd never be caught without.

1. Mascara.  
A good mascara can take you from drab to fab in an instant.  It makes you look done up when it's the only thing you have on.  Just make sure it's not clumpy or you have some tarantula legs going on and that ain't pretty.  I swear by mark.'s Make It Big volumizing mascara in Raven.  It makes my lashes look naturally fabulous, doesn't clump or flake and lasts all day long.

2. Frizz Tamer.  
I live in Florida, where it's humid most every day.  Add to that that I have fine hair and you have a recipe for some major frizz.  I keep my flyaways tame with Secret Weapon finishing cream by John Frieda.  It's a light-weight cream that you use after you've styled your hair.  It doesn't make your hair greasy or sticky and lasts all day.

3. Primer
Primer is simply amazing.  It helps even tone and keeps your make-up fresh and in place all day long.  It's especially great if you have oily skin.  I love eye primer because it keeps my eyeshadow in place-no more creases or running or fading.  It looks just as good at 11 at night as it did when I put it on that morning.  I'm lucky enough to not have very oily skin so I really only need primer for my eyes.  You'll find mark.'s Please Hold Eye Primer and Concealer in my make-up bag-I just love it.  It doubles as a concealer.  And mark.'s Primed For Perfection is great for all-over.

4. Blush.
Like mascara, blush can give your face an instant lift.  It gives you a nice, healthy glow.  My favorite is NARS blush in Orgasm.  It's a pretty peachy-pink with some flecks of gold that simply makes you glow.

5. Lip Balm
Despite the fact that I live in a tropical climate, my lips still get dry.  I think I'd die without my lip balm!  The best one I've ever used is Burt's Bees Beeswax lip balm.  It leaves my lips soft and moisturized.

What beauty products can you not live without?

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