Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tipping Thursday: Skincare Part V-Eyes

There comes a point in every woman's life when it's time for eye cream.  We'll all need it for different reasons.  The most common one is, obviously, wrinkles.  Because the skin around our eyes is so delicate and thin, it shows wrinkles much sooner than the rest of our face.  You can start using an eye cream to prevent eye wrinkles or you can try and get rid of them once you have them.  There are so many great anti-aging eye creams on the market today.  I personally like Avon's Anew eye systems.  They have a skincare regimen that includes an eye cream specifically for your age group.

There are other eye concerns besides wrinkles.  Some of us suffer from puffiness or dark circles or dullness.  For puffiness, look for an eye cream that contains caffeine.  The caffeine energizes the the skin and helps decrease swelling.  The Garnier eye roller is great-it contains caffeine and the metal roller ball is cooling and soothing.  For dark circles and dullness, look for a brighting eye gel.  These too usually contain caffeine but can also contain cucumber which reduces dark circles, which will definitely make your eyes look brighter : )  My favorite is mark's Light Bright hook up eye gel.  It's pocket-sized so you can take it everywhere.  If your eyes just want a natural pick-me-up, go for Burt's Bee Radiant eye cream.  It covers nearly all of your eye concerns.

If you use an eye cream during the day, apply it after your moisturizer.  If you use it at night, apply after you cleanse before you go to bed. Massage it under the eye with the ring finger from the outer edges towards the nose.

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