Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fashion Friday (on Saturday): It's Beach Time!

Oh, Friday, where did you go?!  I had such a hectic day yesterday-and it just got away from me.  The hubs got home last night from another week-long business trip, so today we had some family time and hit up the beach (yes, it's May and I'm at the beach, not freezing.  Not to rub it in the faces of my lovely friends who are having freakishly cold weather right now, but it was in the 90's here today in Florida, which makes for perfect beach weather.)  I had planned on doing a swim suit piece for this week's Fashion Friday anyways, but it seemed more fitting after today's activities.  Now, a little note before I show you my picks: Yes, I wear a two-piece bathing suit, sometimes in the form of a bikini.  My husband won't even let me own a one-piece bathing suit. Not that I don't like one pieces or have anything against them.  Just don't think less of me because my modesty is different than yours.  With that said, here are some cute suits I wouldn't mind sporting to the beach:

Though I'm generally not a fan of bandeau tops, I love the mix of prints and the sweet skirt on this number from Anthropologie

I love this retro black and white number from Delias

The colors on this tankini from Shade just shout "Wear me to the beach, please!"

Here's a real blast from the past from Mod Cloth.  I love the retro suits!

The color, the cute belt and flower-I'm loving everything about this suit from Anthro, except the low-cut front, but that's nothing a needle and thread couldn't fix : )

I'm a huge fan of polka dots and this tankini from Delias is covered in 'em!

Remember this from my "I Heart Liberty of London" post?  Yep, still loving it : )  My favorite part, aside from it being Liberty of London, is that it's a tankini but you can't tell

I love the print and the cute bottom on this bikini from Anthro

I tried getting a picture of this cute one-piece from Swell, but it wouldn't save right.  But you can check it out by clicking on the link.  Swell also has a great selection of boardshorts, which are a staple in my beach wardrobe.

Which look do you favor for your swimsuit?

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  1. I'm totally getting this vintage Esther Williams polka-dot suit. I'm in lovvvee!

    I love the purple anthro and the purple polka-dot one as well! So cute!

  2. The bikinis are really cute. The skirt on the top Anthro is adorable.


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