Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Get In Shape!

Summer is coming up faster than I'd like and that means bathing suit season! Dun dun dun!  Well, technically, here in Florida, it's been bathing suit season for like a month already.  But I digress.  If you're like me, you've got like 5 pounds that you'd really like gone before you feel totally comfortable in that super-cute suit you bought but haven't worn yet because of said 5 pesky pounds.  For me, it's my mid-section.  Just needs some toning up.  Which means ab workouts.

Fitness for the Rest of Us is generously giving away an Amy Bento Abs and Stretch DVD that will help you (and me) do just that!  She's even got a "sample" workout posted on her blog, so that you can try it out.  I loved it.  It's short and sweet and really works you in just 15 minutes.  I need workouts that really deliver but are short, length-wise, because I just don't have enough time in my day as it is!  I'm sure you all can relate.  That has always been my biggest problem with exercise-finding the time.  Go check out the giveaway, try out the workout and see all of the other great things Lindsey has going on over at her blog!

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  1. THANK you for the shoutout!!!! Im so glad I found your blog :) What a cute family you have there!


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