Friday, May 14, 2010

Fashion Fridays: Shoes!

A few months back, Beth over at the Stories of A to Z hosted a shoe party.  I, sadly, missed it.  I was out of town, thus not having access to my plethora of shoes.  But I didn't know I'd missed it until AFTER I had already taken all the pictures once I got home (I seriously missed it by a day.  A DAY!  I was so bummed.)

So, I have all these pictures of my favorite shoes and even though there's no party, I'd still like to show them off : )  And I will.  'Cause this is my blog and I do what I want : )

I bought these shoes as a joke one year for Halloween.  Joke's on me because I fell in love with them.  I actually wore them to work a few times when I still worked at the bank and even our district manager liked them.

You might remember these from an older post if you've been following me for a while.  These are my Steve Madden purple patent leather ruffle pumps.  My mom got them for me for my 25th b-day.  She's got good shoe taste-must be where I get it.

These are my most favorite black heels.  I love the T-straps.

These pretty brown wedges are from my mother-in-law.  Turns out they were a little too tight for her-darn! :)


I inherited these after my Nana passed away.  Even a city girl feels a little country now and then.


My fancy gold shoes.  I wear these with my pretty cream and black party dress and I'm working on a gorgeous floor-length cream and gold dress that they will go perfect with-it looks like something a Greek goddess would wear.

My cute studded white slides.  They have just enough heel (not that I don't love me some high, high heels!)  My hubby gave these to me one year for Christmas.

Silver sandals.  They kill my feet but they're so cute, I wear them anyways.

My very worn American Eagle flip flops.  I wear these ALL the time, in case you couldn't tell by looking at them.

I have a serious thing for flats.  I have like 7 pairs.  These are my newest ones.  Navy with white polka dots and bows.  What more could you ask for?

These are both from Charlotte Russe.  The grey ones I got for $4.26 (that was my out-the-door price) and the yellow ones were $9.99.  I wear both of these pairs almost as much as I wear my flip flops.

Oh how I love these shoes!  They make me feel a little retro and I love their dark brown color.  These are from Walmart of all places.  Sometimes Walmart does have cute shoes.

I love everything about these shoes-the color, the big buckle.  Again, from Charlotte Russe.  If you've never checked out there shoes, you're seriously missing out.

I've had these shoes for ages and I still love them.  My favorite part is the bow and the polka dot lining.

Don't forget to enter the two giveaways going on right now!  This is a perfect example of something you could submit for the Fashion Friday giveaway (hint hint!!)  Oh, and to make things easier, I've added a linky to the Fashion Friday giveaway post, so you can add your links there or you can still email them to me or leave them in a comment.  Whatever floats your boat.


  1. Those are some awesome shoes! I love the first two the best I think! So cute :)

  2. Darling blog!! I am here from MM on Trendy Treehouse! I am a new follower, too! I can't wait to explore your blog!! :)


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