Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Who's That: Designs by Kassie

Have you seen my new buttons?  I love them!  They were created by the lovely Kassie of Designs by Kassie.


She is an amazing talented designer who does everything from blog design to logos to invitations and announcements.  Have an idea for your blog or business?  Kassie will make it a reality.  She's joy to work with and is very quick with her work.  She had awesome button designs for the button contest all whipped up the very same day I told her about the contest!  And she has very happy customers-check out all of her rave reviews!  I am more than thrilled with the designs she created and would recommend her to anyone looking to spruce up their blog or business in a heartbeat!

I wanted to know a bit more about Kassie, as I'm sure you all do, too, so she let me ask her a few questions:

How did you get into graphic design?
When I had my son back in 2007, I wanted to stay home with him. Well nap time could get pretty long, so I started messing around with Photoshop because I was sick of my blog being so boring. I had no idea I would fall in love with it so much. It went from something to just pass the time, to my absolute passion! I began digital scrapbooking all my kids photos and a couple years later I started my business, Designs by Kassie. I haven't had any training or classes, just a lot of research on the internet and tons of practice. Once my kids are older though, I would LOVE to go back to school and learn all I can about graphic and web design.

Where do you find inspiration?
It is kinda funny. Ever since I started creating designs for people, I find myself scoping out logos and graphics on commercials and signs and looking at the way they are laid out. I also check out other digital scrapbook layouts to get my creative juices flowing. And I love to search the web to find the newest and latest techniques.

What had been your favorite blog make-over that you've done?
That is such a tough one, becuase I really put my heart and soul into every blog makeover I do. I work really hard to make sure it is perfect and that they love it. But I would say a few of my favorites would be- I Heart Naptime, Mrs. Bettie Rocker, Green Apple Designs, and Texas Tanners.

Take a look at some of the designs she's created:

If you think Kassie is the designer for you (how could you not?!), head on over to her blog and check out her {incredibly reasonable} prices.  You won't be sorry you did!

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