Thursday, September 16, 2010

What I'm Wearing #6

I know I'm a day late (as usual) but better late than never!  

Here's a look at last week's outfits:

I made an IKEA trip with my dear friend and her adorable boy.  I wanted something a little brighter than usual because I was in a major wardrobe rut last week (if you couldn't tell from last week's lack of pictures.)

I made this shirt using the amazing Jen's tutorial (one more thing checked off my craft To-Do list!)

And paired it with my favorite yellow flats.
Pink wave shirt: Forever 21 with embellishments by me
Dark wash jeans: Bullhead (Pac Sun)
Yellow flats: Charlotte Russe

I know you're all saying, "But Courtney, didn't you just say last week you weren't going to wear jeans as often?"  It true, I did say that.  I forgot to mention, however, that I happen to be the biggest klutz on the face of the planet.  No joke.  I have a talent for running into inanimate objects.

These unslightly tokens of those unfortunate meetings made me stick to jeans for a few days until they calmed down a bit.

My youngest brother turned 16 over the weekend so we headed over to my mom's Saturday to celebrate.  This outfit was both cute and comfy and look! no jeans!
Red t-shirt: Forever 21
Plaid sundress: Holister
Black lace-trimmed leggings: Miley Cyrus/Max Azria
Silver sandals: Stolen Borrowed from my sister :)

Sunday I wanted to dress up a bit more than I usually do for church. And it was so nice out!
White skirt: Had it so long I don't remember.  I think it's from Gadzooks, which is out of business now

Brown floral tank: Old Navy
Denim blazer: Gap
Wooden beads: Forever 21

Brown wedges: gift from my mother-in-law

Peach lilly studs: this adorable Etsy shop, Bijoux by Allison

Tuesday night was our wards' enrichment night.  I was in a hurry so the hubs snapped a quick pic for me before I dashed out the door.
Purple lacy tank: Forever 21
Black and white striped tee: Urban Outfitters
Skinny jeans: thrifted American Eagle
Black bead and flower necklace: made by me! (tutorial coming soon!)

I look really tan in this picture :)

And this is yesterday's outfit.  I ran errands with my sister-in-law and the little man.

Black and tan floral shirt: Full Tilt from Tilly's
Skinny jeans: thrifted American Eagle
Black sandals: Charlotte Russe
Turquoise and silver necklace and bracelet: from New Mexico

There!  I really tried to not only put more thought into my outfits this past week, but to also remember to take pictures!

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  1. Cute outfits and that was some bruise girl.

  2. Love your shoe collection! Such awesome, great outfits.

  3. You look just like your momma in that tan one :D The girl you went to Ikea went sounds awesome! I bet she Rocks! I want to meet her! LoL...Thanks for heading there with me!!

    I l♥ve your blog!


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