Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Who's That: Women Who Do It All

I'm so happy to have Jill from Women Who Do It All visiting today!  We're blog swapping this week-you can find me over at her blog later this week.  She's got a super-easy and super-cute tutu tutorial to share with you.  Enjoy!

Hi Scraps and Scribbles readers.  I'm Jill from Women Who Do It All.  The title of my blog pretty much sums it up.  I'm a wife, mother, photographer, blogger, crafty, oh so busy woman.  So needless to say, my blog has a little of everything: crafts, recipes, linky parties, and more.  I hope you'll stop by and say hi!  I also contribute to a really fun blog called Win, Lose, or Blog.  It's a friendly weight loss competition for bloggers.  Stop by and check it out!
The tutorial I have for you today is a necessity for any mom that has little girls.  Don't miss out on the tutu craze, even if you don't know how to sew, you can make one of these!  The only thing you have to sew to make one of these cute tutus is a little line!

* Sweet Confections Photography is located in Western Washington

This tutorial is easy enough that it doesn't really need pictures (and of course despite the fact that I've made two, I keep forgetting to take pictures).  But let's get started and you'll see just how easy these are to make.


- Two rolls of 6 inch wide tulle (usually found in the wedding isle)
- A roll of 1 inch thick elastic
- Scissors and a ruler
- A needle and thread to sew the elastic together


1) Measure the waist of the lucky little girl you're making it for.

2) Subtract three inches from that number and cut your elastic accordingly

3) Sew the elastic together.  If you have a sewing machine, a zig zag stitch will work great, if not you can always just sew it the old fashioned way.

4) Set your newly fashioned waistband aside and break out the tulle.  Figure out how long you want your tutu to be.  I wanted mine to be 8 inches long.  Double that number and add one (mine ended up being 17 inches).  Cut a big stack of strips that length.

5) Now grab your waistband and we'll start tying the tulle onto it.  You'll fold your first piece in half over the waistband and tie a double knot on the bottom.  Now the measurement should make sense: doubled because you will fold it in half and an extra inch for the knot. 

6) Continue tying the strips of tulle onto your waistband until you have reached desired thickness.  You can always cut more tulle if needed.

And that's it, it's as easy as that!!!

Thanks for having me Courtney!

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