Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tipping Thursday: Skincare/Makeup Do's and Don't's

There are Do's and Don't's for everything in life and skincare and makeup is no different.  Here are my Do's and Don't's:

*DON'T pump the wand of your mascara-this allows air in and will dry out your mascara.

*DO wipe off excess mascara from your wand before applying it-this will minimize clumps.  Roll it gently in a tissue or paper towel and DON'T forget the tip!

*DON'T ever EVER sleep in your makeup, especially your eye makeup-it ages your skin faster.

*DO use a foundation and concealer that matches the actual shade of your skin-not the color you wish it was.

*DON'T be afraid to try new colors.  But DON'T go overboard-pick one feature at a time to play up.  And DON'T match your eyeshadow to your eye color.

*DO shape your eyebrows-it will open your eyes up.  Just DON'T tweeze them too thin or too far apart.  It'll make you look bug-eyed.

*DON'T ever wash your face with soap!  ESPECIALLY if you have sensitive skin!  Soap will make that sensitivity worse and make it harder for you to find products that you can use.

*DO use skincare products that meet your skincare needs.  

*DO know when it's time to toss your makeup/skincare-everything has an expiration date.

What are some of your Do's and Don't's?


  1. DO moisturize before putting on any foundation.

    DON'T put foundation all over your face; just use enough to even out your skin tone.

    DO use products with sunscreen or put on sunscreen before you put your makeup on.

    DO fill in your brows with a pencil to make them look fuller (I have blond eye brow hairs!).

    DO find a signature day and night look, and don't waste your money on a lot of extra STUFF.


  2. Thanks for the tips. Eye makeup left on ages you faster? Yikes!


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