Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hand-made Goodie of the Week: Silverware Garden Markers

In case you didn't make it over to Red Heads Craft More Fun last week to see my guest post, here is what you missed:

Silverware Garden Markers

Today I'm sharing with you how to make your very own garden markers from old silverware.  I've been seeing these popping up everywhere and decided to put my own spin on them.  All of the ones I had seen involved stamping of some sort, and I don't have stamps, so I decided to try something else.  It's a cheap, easy and fast way to dress up any garden!  To make yours, you'll need:

Various assorted silverware
Drawing paper
Fine-tip permanent marker
Mod podge and brush
Glue stick

I found a whole bunch of silverware at Goodwill for $1 a bundle and I got 4 HUGE bundles (I've got some other silverware-related projects I'd like to do so I stocked up.)  I started by going through my silverware and choosing the ones I thought would work best.  I used 4 spoons and 4 forks.  

Then, I traced around the top part of one of the spoons on the drawing paper 

to give myself a rough idea of how big the labels should be.

Then I wrote out the label (I actually ended up not using this one, so if you don't see it and get confused, you know why.)  Then I tore the paper around the word, leaving a small border and glued it onto the spoon.

Or in this case, fork.  See I left enough around the word so if I needed to trim it down a little bit more, I could.  I then painted on a thin layer of Mod Podge.  This seals it and keeps water from ruining the paper.

Let the Mod Podge dry completely, which should take about 20 minutes.

Then stick them in your garden!  And that's it!  They're really fast and easy-which is how I like things.  This is my little herb garden that I've got going on our balcony.

I've got some big news-I'm about bursting trying to keep it a secret until tomorrow!  But I promise you'll love it, so be sure to come by tomorrow : )


  1. Saw this on link party at Beyond the Picket Fence. I love it! What a simple idea that looks so classy. I've seen lots of silverware projects but never a plant marker. I'm gonna make some!

  2. My mother is a big time gardener and this would be a perfect giftie for her! Fun idea!

  3. Courtney, This is just the cutest idea. I love your spin on it. Using the paper makes it easy to read.
    You did a great job at giving instructions too!
    What a fun and fabulous blog you have.
    I'm following you!

  4. Really cute! You've inspired me to go make some! I've seen the stamped ones, but I don't have a stamper thingy!

  5. I love this idea! I linked to it on my Garden page - http://firstadream.blogspot.com/p/garden.html.

  6. Absolutely adorable! I've been wanting to make something interesting for the garden and now I know what to do. :)

  7. These are so cute! So creative.

    Thanks for sharing at Saturday is Crafty Day!
    Laura @ along for the ride

  8. These are cute and unique! Thanks for linking up to the Under $100 Linky Party.

  9. I adore these! Such a cute look and fun too. Thanks for linking to Tickled Pink.

  10. SO cute! I'm your newest follower! Come by some time :)

  11. Muito boa sua idéia, perfeito! Gostei muito! Aliás seu blog é muito fofo! Estou a te seguir! Beijos

    Very good your idea is perfect! I really enjoyed! Actually your blog is very cute! I am to follow you! Kisses

    Uska hope

  12. I am back again. I love this idea so much. I linked it to my Porch and Garden Party at First a Dream. It's a small party and just getting started. Let me know if that's not OK.

  13. These turned out so cute! Great idea for all the pretty silverware that can be found.

  14. I am going to make these for everyone! Thanks!!!


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