Friday, June 25, 2010

Fashion Fridays: Pleated Circle T-Shirt

If you didn't get a chance to check out my guest post last week over at A Vision to Remember, here's what you missed:

Pleated Circle T-Shirt Re-vamp

Today I'm sharing with you a simple way to dress up your plain Jane t-shirts.  Pleated circles are all the rage. 
We've all seen these cute "yo-yos," both in blogs and in stores.  They're really easy to make and best part is they're also fast!  To make some to dress up your shirt (or whatever else you have that needs some dressing up,) you'll need:

Something round to trace
Needle and matching thread

I had this pretty blue t-shirt that needed something.  I thought this would be the perfect shirt to try out those cute pleated circles on.  Sorry for the poor picture quality-it was dark and rainy outside the day I made this and our interior lights just wash everything out in photos.

I chose three fabrics that I liked and three round objects to trace.

I used a bowl for one of my circles.  Using my pencil, I traced it on the back side of my fabric, then cut it out.

Taking my needle and thread, I sewed along the edge, about1/4 inch in, all the way around the circle.

Then pulled the thread to gather it together.  Fold flat, with the gathered area in the middle.

Like this.  Then iron flat.

Arrange them on your shirt and sew in place.  I moved mine around a bit til I found an arrangement that I liked.  

And you're done!

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