Friday, July 27, 2012

Nursery Tour

So I know my little lady is like nine months old now and this is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY over due, but I wanted to share some pictures of her nursery with you all.

She doesn't have a room all to herself, as her room also doubles as our "office," so I didn't have a whole lot of space to work with or to hang things, etc.  I choose shades of purples and greens accented with brown as the colors for her room {because, as mentioned, I'm not much of a pink girl.}  While some of her things were hand-me-downs from her big brother {like the crib and car seat,} I wanted her to have a few things that were just for her and incorporated some vintage baby items {the print hanging at the head of her bed and the vintage baby booties} that I had received from my Nana. 

I made her this cute name mobile with scrapbook paper in "her colors."

You can find a tutorial on how to make your own over at From Blank Pages.  Diane's blog is one of my favorites{and I was lucky enough to have her as a guest here}! I plan on making one for the little man, too.

I love love love her changing table/dresser.  It was a baby gift from my dad-the one we had with our first didn't survive the cross country move well enough to be used for baby # 2.  

This time around, I wanted something a little longer than a typical changing table, so I'd have room for a diaper caddy and wipes and whatnot in addition to the changing pad.  And I wanted something with a good amount of storage.  This one has good-sized drawers and a little cupboard where I store her extra wipes, swaddling blankets, shoes, binkies, and little headbands.

Of all of the things in her room that I made, this is tied for first place of what I'm proudest of.  This cute ribbon chandelier/mobile was inspired by this one shared on UCreate and I just love how it turned out!  The paper flowers are from the same paper as her name mobile.

Oh, how I love this crib!  I love the color and the sleigh details on it.  It was our little man's and I hope it lasts through the rest of our kids, too.  I got her bed set at Target for super-cheap and it went with the colors I had picked out perfectly!!

This is what is tied with the chandeleir-my very first ever quilt.  I decided a while ago that I want to make a quilt for all of my kids, and chose to start with an easy one first.

I have to say, I am quite pleased with how it came out.  I was inspired by this quilt I saw over at Little Birdie Secrets.

Ah, little clothes hanging in the closet-I love it!

I've got a project that I made for her room that I'll be sharing a little later-you'll love it!

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