Tuesday, July 31, 2012

{Handmade Goodie of the Week} Hoop Hair Bow Holder

Today I'm sharing a little project that I made for Korra's room.  She has a lot of flowers and bows that clip onto her interchangeable headband that I made her as well as some bigger headbands, so I made her a little organizer.  The nice thing is it's not too baby-ish, so she'll be able to use it as she gets older.

The very best part about this project?  It was completely free!  I had all of the materials already on hand!  Always awesome when you can use what you've already got!  The hoop and the ribbon were left over from the chandelier I made for her nursery, the wooden dowel was left over from another project and the spray paint I already had.

To make yours, you'll need:

One large embroidery hoop-you'll only need one of the circles
Wooden dowel
Coordinating ribbon and spray paint
Hot glue gun and glue

First, spray paint your hoop, making sure to get all of the sides

and the wooden dowel.  This is my trick for rounded things like this-stick them in the dirt, just far enough in to hold the item up and spray paint.  Once it's completely dry, stick in the painted end and paint the other end that was previously in the dirt.  You get all of the sides at once with less dry time to wait on.

Once your hoop and dowel are painted and dry, it's time to start adding the ribbon.

The spacing of the ribbon is completely up to you.  I started with one in the middle of the hoop and spaced them from there.  I recommend not cutting your ribbon until you've decided where you want it and have glued down either end, as shown above.  That way you don't have to worry about your ribbon not being the right length.

Repeat until you're satisfied with the number of strands.

As you can see, I spaced some of them a little farther apart that others.  Some of her flowers and bows are bigger than others, so I wanted to have room for those without it looking crowded.

Once you've finished gluing your ribbon to your hoop, it's time to add the dowel.  For this step, I laid my finished hoop on the floor and laid my dowel under it, spacing how I'd like it to hang.  The dowel is going to hang from two loops of ribbon attached to the hoop, which we'll tackle in the next step. 

  Figure out where you want the loops to attach to the hoop and measure from there and double.  Attach to the hoop with some hot glue.  {You can skip the dowel if you wish-totally up to you!}

Add clips to the ribbons and hang the headbands from the dowel.

I love it because now I have a visual of what she has and what goes with what she has on.

And the dowel slides easily in and out of the loops so her headbands hang all nicely and are easy to get at.

Super easy and FREE!

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