Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Who's That: Craftiness Is Not Optional

I'm pleased to introduce you all to the fab Jess from Craftiness Is Not Optional.

She's a SAHM to two cutie-pie little girls, seamstress, crafter and thrifter.  If you've never been over to Jess's blog, here's a sampling of some of her awesome projects:

Can you believe this woman?!?!  She makes Barbie clothes.  I can't even sew in a straight line on a sewing machine!

Aren't these the cutest Father's Day cards you've ever seen?  Love 'em, Jess!

As I mentioned, Jess has two little girls.  I love the way she decorated her youngest's nursery-so simple and pretty.

I'm a sucker for silhouettes and Jess has a very easy tutorial so you can make your own.

Jess is a thrifter after my own heart-I love seeing all the steals she finds.

I love throw pillows and these are just too cute!  Check out the rest of Jess's bedroom makeover.

Head on over to Craftiness Is Not Optional and have a look around at the rest of Jess's great projects!  You won't be disappointed.
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  1. thanks for the sweet write up! That made my day! Sorry I saw it so late though. ;)


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