Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hand-made Goodie of the Week: Quick Fall Sign

It's no secret, I like simple things.  This little Fall sign took all of 15 minutes to make and I love it.

To make yours, you'll need:

Letters to spell out "Fall"-I used scrapbook stickers that I got on clearance a few months back
Four wooden rectangles-can be found at Michaels or Joann's
Brown paint
Hot glue and glue gun

Start by giving your wooden rectangles a coat of brown paint.  You can used whatever color you want, but to me, brown is a fall-ish color.  Plus, I really wanted to keep the wooden feel of the rectangles.

Let them dry.  Once dry, center and attach your letters.

Like so.

Cut a length of ribbon long enough to string behind your rectangles and have some extra for the bottom and to make a loop at the top.  My piece was about a foot long.

Make a small loop at the top of the ribbon and glue in place.  This will be used to hang your sign when it's finished.

Trim the other end by folding it in half and cutting a piece off at an angle.

Begin adding your letters by gluing the ribbon down the center of the back of the rectangle.  

Repeat until all of your letters are attached.

And there you have it!

A cute little sign for fall!

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  1. So cute! Very simple, easy, but lovely. Great job! Stop by when you get the chance:


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