Thursday, October 2, 2014

Re-launch Celebration Week COMING SOON!

To kick things back off right, we're having a party!  And what's a party without gifts and games?!  There's going to be an ENTIRE week of giveaways, with lots of awesome prizes from some terrific vendors, a BIG multi-vendor sale where you'll be able to score some great items (checking off that Christmas list early, anyone?) and some fun games here on the blog!  So mark your calendars-the fun starts on October 6th!

Since it's been a super-long time since I've really posted anything on here and A LOT has changed in that time, I thought it would be fun to have a little getting-to-know-you game where you can ask those burning questions you've always wanted to know about me.  So, fire away!  You can leave a question or two (or really, however many you want) in the comments below or post them on my Facebook page.

I also want to hear what YOU want to see on the blog.  So leave your suggestions, too.

One last item of business: I want to start introducing you to great blogs and businesses starting again soon, so if you'd like to be featured here in my Who's That? series, shoot me an email!

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