Friday, October 10, 2014

Mega Giveaway Vendor Spotlight: Meet Southern Girl Accents, Bright Eyed Owl and doTERRA

Woohoo, it's Friday!  Are you pumped?!  I've got 3 more ladies to introduce you to that are part of our Mega Giveaway!

First up is my real-life friend Heather of Southern Girl Accents:

I am Heather and a true Southern girl.  I was born in Georgia and raised in the south. I have been married for over 20 years and we have 3 amazing children. 
As I have thought about a name for my blog and for the small, home based business I wanted to create, I wanted a name that would be kinda cute, but, not cutesy.  A name that represented me and my vision for where I see my business going.  Since I am southern .... I am a girl and I do have an accent ... well ... Southern Girl Accents sounded pretty perfect to me.  However, the Accents part more than applies to how I talk.  I love accenting and adorning stuff!!  Don't get me wrong, I am not a bedazzeler.  I like to make items that can be a permanent part of something, or can be easily removed and swapped out for another color or style.  (I love  Back Pack Fowers for that reason ...  lots of fun colors and they can be clipped and changed in seconds!!) 

Next up is my real-life friend Ashley of Bright Eyed Owl:

Ashley lives here in Albuquerque with her hubby and her two adorable boys.  She makes the cutest baby items you'll ever see!  She is one of the most talented seamstresses I know.  She crafts such lovelies as binky clips, car seat covers, stuffed toys-my kids each have one of her adorable elephants- and teething toys.

Last up today is my real-life friend Brittany of The Natural Cure and who is also a doTERRA rep:

Brittany has always had a passion for health. After receiving her degree in Health Education, Brittany undertook further education specializing in depression and anxiety recovery.

Brittany believes that prevention is the key to ultimate health and she discovered that essential oils could help herself and others prevent illnesses and treat ailments in a natural holistic manner with a goal to an all-round healthier lifestyle.

Her passion goes beyond sharing essential oils for healing into giving the opportunity of wealth with others.

She loves people and making new friends! She would love to meet you so send a facebook message or check her out at The Natural Cure, where you can find lots of great recipes, natural living how to's and more!

Here's what these awesome ladies are giving away:


You can enter to win these and all of the other great prizes in our Mega Relaunch Giveaway here!

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