Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Rustic Lily and First Friday Lakeland

My friend {and new business partner-yay!} Wita and I did our very first ever art market last Friday.  Our awesome downtown hosts an event called First Friday on the, you guessed it, first Friday of the month and a couple of times a year, there is an artisan market that is a part of the event.  The artisan market is put on by a wonderful little shop located downtown called the Black Swan Bazaar.  If you are ever in Lakeland, Florida, you seriously need to stop by.  I've literally spent hours in there, looking at all of the goodies they have for sale.  I can guarantee you won't leave empty-handed.

Me and Wita at our booth

We have been talking forever about doing something like this and when the opportunity presented itself, we decided to go for it!  Wita has joined me as co-owner of my Etsy shop, which we have re-named the Rustic Lily Boutique.  We crafted our little bums off for a week straight {because that's all the notice we had!} and hauled all of our lovely creations down to sell in the streets of downtown Lakeland.

Here's a view of our booth, all set up and waiting for customers.

Our table was full of lovely items, just waiting for a new home.

The crowd!  First Friday is a big deal here, and the turnout is crazy!

Last minute finishing touches

Our wall art section

Our shop specializes in handmade jewelry, women's accessories and shabby chic home decor.  We're also working on a line for little ones.

Our earrings were our best sellers

coasters!  The chalkboard ones especially were a big hit {look for them in our shop soon!}

We are hoping to do more events like this.  While at First Friday, we learned there is a weekly Farmer's Market that is held downtown and there's a huge outdoor flea market that is going to be held at the end of the month.  We're super-excited!

Our shop is currently on vacation as we work on some new items, but we should be up and running very soon!  You can check out the Rustic Lily Boutique over on Etsy and Facebook.

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