Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer of Weddings

It's been a busy summer, wedding-wise, for our family.  

In June, one of my husband's younger sisters got married.

The bride with her oldest brother {my hubs}

The bride and groom {ignore the small child at the bottom :) }

In July, my grandpa got re-married and I had the pleasure of being their photographer.

I'm so happy to have Jo Ann as part of our family-she is a truly lovely lady.

 me with my sibs

My handsome husband and I

family shot

First dance

my beautiful mom and sister and me

And, as I mentioned, I have another sister-in-law getting married on Tuesday and some very good friends getting married on the 20th {remember the ones I did the engagement pictures for?  I'm also photographing their wedding.}

I guess it's the summer of love :)

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