Wednesday, April 13, 2011

{Who's That} Project Alicia

This week's guest is the lovely and amazing Alica from Project Alicia.  Her blog is just as lovely as she is and I know you all will love her.

Alicia here from Project Alicia. Such an honor to be at Scraps and Scribbles today.

I am a late 30 something, married 18 years, with a couple of pre-pubescent tweeners on my hands.

Somewhere along the messy, unpredictable road of life I happened on photography.

I took my first shot through that DSLR and I knew. We were destined to be together, like something straight out of a movie script. I see the world in an entirely new light. Clouds and trees come to life.

And otherwise forgotten, ordinary moments become extraordinary as I press the shutter and seize them.

It is empowering and moving- like nothing else I have ever experienced. And every single new capture is like a beautiful gift just waiting to be unveiled.

Project Alicia is a blog dedicated to my journey as I delve into the world of photography.

I never have a shortage of photo or learning opportunities, particularly with my critter lovin', adventure seeking youngins.

Frogs, snakes, and spiders are frequent subjects.

I also capture many of our road adventures and candid life moments, much to my children's dismay.

But just as projects come in all forms, Project Alicia is not limited to photos. My passions are often as unpredictable as the Iowa winds.

You may find recipe cards, organizing or travel tips, tutorials ranging from 4th of July chalk

to blanching a peach to achieving a vintage flair for your photos.

My blog is never short of material. Life gives me plenty of blog fodder. Miscarriages, bullies, wet dreams, and disease were definitely not in my mothering handbook. But I find that what doesn't kill you can only make you stronger.

This is one of the reasons that Project Smile was created. It is a bloghop that runs the last day of every month for one week. An attempt to focus on the smiles rather than the hiccups and heartaches. Kristi of Live and Love Out Loud is minding it for the next 6 months. I host September through February. There are no set rules. Just document the sweet, simple moments that make you smile.

At project alicia you may even find a laugh or two as I gracefully evolve. Whether it's waxing, getting caught at amusement parks with flash flooding, or living to tell the tales of Vegas, life is anything but dull. Oh,and crazy loves company.

So feel free to pop in and join me for the next chapter of project alicia.

I hope you all have loved getting to know Alicia.  She is truly amazing!  Go check out her blog-you won't be disappointed.

I'll be guest posting over at her place tomorrow : )

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  1. Stopping by to support my dear, sweet friend Lish. She really is amazing. Her blog is chock full of gorgeous, jaw-dropping photos. She's honest and very down-to-earth. Project Alicia is definitely worth the read. :) Thanks for sharing Alicia with your readers.

  2. Thanks Kristi, you are too kind. I appreciate you. And thanks Courtney for this opportunity.


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