Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lamp Make-over and an EPIC FAIL

We all know that not every craft or project comes out exactly how we envisioned it in our minds.  Such was the case with this lamp.

I got this little guy from my sister-in-law when she and her hubby moved and didn't need it anymore.  Now, I'm not a huge fan of gold, so that had to be changed 

And the shade had gotten mucked up a bit.  I tried cleaning it, but whatever that was, would not come out.  So, I thought, I'll make something cute to cover it up!

First things first, I spray painted the lamp black.  I picked out this lovely satin finish that works great on metals.

See, doesn't it look better already?

Then onto the shade. I decided I'd make some rosettes to decorate it with, so I grabbed some burlap and some matching fabric from my stash

And made a bunch of rosettes.
I laid them out on the shade before I glued them on, and it looked nice.  But somewhere along the way, it did not turn out right.  So I gently pulled off the flowers and was going to try again, this time pulling off the accordian-like outside and covering the whole thing in burlap.  I'm sorry there are no pictures of the awfulness that was.  I was so frustrated with how things were going that I totally forgot to take some.  But, anyways, I was trying to cover the shade, 

when this happened.  The whole shade just crumbled in my hands as I was putting on the burlap.

Seriously.  Every time I touched it, it crumbled more.  So now I had a freshly painted lamp and no shade.

I finally found a shade that would go with my lamp for only $4 at Goodwill-score!  I still wanted to dress it up a bit, so I put those flowers I had already made to good use.

I picked out a few and played around with where I wanted them, until I got this.

Hot glued them in place and...

After months, my lamp is finally finished!!!!

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  1. I love the shape of the lampshade from Goodwill... I recently tried to make a T-shirt necklace, I've seen them quite a bit in the blog world. I, for the life of me, could not get it to turn out right! It drives me crazy when I can picture something in my head but it turns out nothing like that.-Good save though, looks good!

  2. it looks so great.
    i had the same thing happen to my lamp shade, sad part... im still not done. i guess i can go look at the goodwill store, but im still mad at the lamp right now haha.


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