Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm Baaaack!!!

Hooray!  Got a new power cord and am back up and running.  It's been a crazy/hectic past few weeks.  Here's the highlights:

*Our pet ball python, Kail, escaped from her enclosure not once, but twice.  In the four years we've had her, she has never, ever gotten out.  The first time, I found her right away.  The next day, not so lucky.  Had to wait for the hubs to come home and take out the dishwasher, where she was hiding on top (in between the space above the dishwasher and the counter.)  We got her out and she is (still) safe and sound in her cage.

*We got a new washer and dryer-yay!  It flooded my hallway the very first time I used it-boo!  Of course, this happens as I am literally out the door to take my brother home then head to the airport to get my husband.

*The hubs accidentally took my cell phone with him when he left for one of his business trips.  I had no phone for a day, then I was finally able to get ahold of him using the phone in the office of our apartment complex. His work was gracious enough to let me use one of their spares.  Unfortunately the first one they lent me didn't work.

*First night with no phone, Bobby starts having a coughing attack at 11 at night, can't catch his breath and is wheezing, so I had to pack him up and take him to the ER.  Luckily, it was just sinus drainage and an ear infection.  A few days of antibiotics and he was good as gold.

*Took an impromptu trip up to Atlanta with my two brothers and sister to see my dad.  Had a great time.  He loved having some time with his grandson (whom he hasn't seen since he was a week old.  Bobby is now 16 months old.)

*Dyed my hair.  It's darker.  I like it.

With that said, I really haven't had time to be crafty.  I wish I had some totally awesome projects to show for all my time "off."  BUT I do have some things in the pipeline and there is some fun new stuff up in our Etsy shop that you should totally check out.

I'm doing a Fashion Friday giveaway.  Check out the details here.

And, as always, if you want to know something, just ask!

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  1. Kail is beautiful. We have two ball pythons, Medusa (female) & Blade (male.) So I know the love of the serpent!


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