Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fall Craftyness-Flower Pot Scarecrow

Flower Pot Scarecrow

Medium-sized flower pot
Tan, yellow, orange, white, and black paint
Fall-themed fabric (enough to go around the pot and tie a bow)
Small straw hat
Silk flowers (I used sunflowers)

Paint the flower pot tan and let dry completely-to save time, you can spray paint it instead of handpainting it. Once pot is dry, transfer scarecrow face to pot (to do this, use tracing paper and draw your face on the paper with pencil, then flip over so that the pencil side is in contact with the pot and trace over it, which will transfer the pencil to the pot.) Paint the nose yellow, the cheeks orange-allow to dry before adding the mouth and eyes in black. Using the handle end of the paintbrush, do a dot of white on each eye for the pupil. Glue on rafia for hair. Let dry and then glue on hat. Add flowers. For the final touch, tie the strip of fabric around the bottom. Glue to keep in place.

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