Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Ok, so admittedly, I am not computer-savvy.  Like, AT ALL.  This blog is my attempt at learning more (in addition to be able to share the cool projects I come across.)  Well, I've hit a wall and I need some help.  How do I add buttons to my blog?  I cannot for the life of me figure it out!  And it's driving me nuts!!!


  1. I'm assuming you mean ones from other blogs? They should have a html code that you should be able to copy to add it to your blog.Go to customize, then the layout tab. You will want to click on "add a gadget". Click on the + button next to HTML/Java script and paste the code into that box. Hopefully this is what you were needing! :)

  2. See, that's what I was doing originally, but it wasn't working. Must have just been my computer yesterday, because it worked today. But at least now I know that I was doing the right thing. Thanks, Theresa!


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